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The cloud computing era has dawned upon us. Out data is apparently being decentralized with every new service that is arriving each day. Thus people no longer have to feel constrained by internal data storage due to the variety of available services. These services free people of problem that they cannot carry their data since it is usually stored in their home computer. Now people are able to access their most important files like music, pictures and videos rather than importing them. As useful as these services are finding the best cloud file storage sites is a complicated task and so we have mentioned a list of the 5 most ideal choices.

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Box which was formerly known as showcases a design which reflects the style of Facebook, Twitter and various other popular social media sites, which makes it quite different from its competitors. The Box website claims to offer a simple and secure way of sharing files. Rather than making it easier for you to externally store files it focuses on making it easier for users to share them. Users can choose to pay $10 per month for 25GB of storage or $20 per month for 50GB of storage.

SOS Online Backup

For anyone who needs to secure a huge amount of important data SOS Online Backup is quite a serious tool while being much more robust than any other services. SOS is not a free storage service like the others. Therefore to obtain 50GB of storage space from them the users has to pay $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year for 100GB of storage space. There are also two and three year pricing options with discount rates offered by SOS.


For any heavy user who wants to avail simply by a fully featured service should go for Dropbox. Its functionality makes it appropriate for all kinds of users. Unlike other services, an application needs to be downloaded to be able to use this service. Files which are needed to be backed up are simply placed into a single folder which is the only thing this app creates on your computer.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon’s latest cloud storage service by the name of Cloud Drive is definitely ideal for any average user. In fact you could already be registered to Cloud Drive if you have an account and every user gets 5GB of storage for free upon joining. Their packages include $1 per GB, $20 per year for 20GB of storage, $50 per year for 50GB of storage and you can select as high as $1000 per year for up to 1TB of storage.

Windows Live SkyDrive

Finally anyone who wants to use a complete free service then there is nothing better than the Windows SkyDrive. As long as you have a hotmail or Windows Live account you would gain access to 25GB of free storage space through the SkyDrive. You can easily upload files and there are a variety of other options offered by SkyDrive as well.

As of now Dropbox and the Windows Live SkyDrive have got some great positive reviews and user experience shares all around the web, and the mechanism of Dropbox too is pretty simple, where the user need not work much but most of the stuff of uploading and syncing is done automatically.

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