Best business apps for Blackberry 10 Smartphones

When it comes to balancing work & play, BlackBerry is your best companion. The BlackBerry OS 10 offers the best of both worlds with its Blackberry Balance feature, which allows you to manage data from different environments, on the same device. Popular for its business oriented devices, BlackBerry had recently launched its Z10 and Q10 smartphones. Though there are significantly fewer apps available on OS 10 than what is available on iOS or Android, the BlackBerry apps are well-designed and bug free. For those who are always on the move and consider their Smartphones as an extension to their office, Blackberry 10 is a boon. The BlackBerry World storefront offers a variety of apps to help you to improve business productivity, by enabling you and your team to stay connected, wherever they may be. Here we will discuss about a few essential BlackBerry 10 apps that will keep your business moving.

BlackBerry Remember


Manages your workload and to-do lists effortlessly by easily capturing and organizing data in one place. You can also prioritize tasks to achieve goals systematically. It enables you to collect and group messages, emails, Evernote files, web links, photos, lists and voice notes into folders and sync tasks with your Microsoft Outlook calendar. The app is pre-loaded in Blackberry 10 phones.

Business Card Reader XT Lite

Text recognition technology enables this app to automatically store contact information into the PIM address book by scanning a business card. Just take the picture of the card in good light and without any shakes. Focus on the text and avoid reflections or shadows. It also allows you to take notes on each card, saving you from the trouble of second-guessing who someone is.

Documents To Go

docs to go

Documents To Go™ allows you to create, view, edit, present and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files anywhere and anytime. It also allows PDF viewing. The Pre-installed app on BlackBerry 10 phones, maintains the documents original formatting which makes it easier to review and edit.


Print My Files

Print any file directly from your BlackBerry 10 device, just as you would do from the office. Print My Files also allows users to select individual or multiple files and can connect to your Wi-Fi.


Vault Password Manager


Vault Password Manager is an encrypted digital notepad where you can store your passwords. The app requires a master pass lock pattern which you design and this making it more difficult for someone to access your passwords, even if your device is lost or stolen.


Mergermarket for BlackBerry 10


The app provides real time access to your Mergermarket alerts and also allows offline viewing when mobile data connection is not available.

Stocks for BlackBerry 10

Helps you track your stocks and monitor your portfolio when the market is open or after hours trading when the markets are closed.



SayIt is a personal assistant, organizer, encyclopedia or a dictionary on the go plus a 25 language translator.


So which is your favorite BlackBerry Business App? Do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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