Battle of Top Note-Taking Apps

Have you ever used any of the applications for note-taking? If you have, what would you say about the application you use? For those who have used more than one of those applications, maybe you have some comments to give on how they perform. Which of those is your favorite? Well, before looking at which is favorite, it vital to appreciate the fact that taking a note is beneficial to almost everyone. Having said that, it is also vital to take cognizance that some of those best applications are engaged in a bitter rivalry to outdo each other.


However, it is very difficult to track down these items. This may sound very weird bearing in mind that there are several of them out there being used. All the same, there are some of them that do not even feature anywhere in the competition. They have very poor performance that has seen many clients complain about them. A good number of customers have described some of them as ugly while others call them awkward. This is for the reason that they give people a hard time to write down information when walking or when on the move. This has the left the market with about three main applications that are competing head to head.

Keep By Google

One of the latest ones to be launched was Keep by Google. It attracted a good number of users with Android devices. However, most of those customers have taken a better time with Keep comparing it to the others they have been using. Therefore, much as Google`s came into the market with a big bang, it did not take long before it got a similar reception of comparison with those that have been there much longer. This is a clear indication of the kind of competition in the market right now.


Before the advent of Google`s Keep, Evernote was ranking as one of the top features for taking notes. It could arguably be said that Evernote is the tool for taking notes that received most attention from customers. It was widely discussed by a sizeable number of clients who use such Apps. Probably because you can use and sync your notes on different platforms like desktop, Android, iOS and Windows phone. Much as there is no conclusive research or data to rate it as the favorite one, it easy to deduce the kind of attention it received.

OneNote and Springpad

Among them are the aforementioned Keep from Google and Evernote. We must also mention Microsoft OneNote and Springpad, apps for Android and iOS Smartphone users, which have been in the market for quite some time. Lastly, Springpad could be compared to little known Catch which is another application creating its niche in the industry.

People have graduated from simply needing tools that can only write down notes as plain text. The furthest they could go is probably synchronizing them. Customers are keen on having applications that have a web interface where they can work. Internet is one of the most useful platforms that people use for their daily activities. With this new perspective, the stiff competition among appliances for taking notes is left to only four of them. These are the only ones that have a reliable web interface that one can easily put to good use.

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