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5 Great Alternatives To Paypal

Paypal is one of the best way to transfer money online. But quite frequently people face issues with paypal payments and even I had face some issues while transferring money using paypal. So today we are going to tell you about 5 great alternatives to paypal. 1. GOOGLE CHECKOUT Google has provided an online payment […]


5 Great Software For Voice Communication

Few days ago, me and my colleagues were working for a project. We decided to talk online together but had no idea how to do so. I searched online and found some extraordinary software for free group voice communication. Here are the reviews of 5 great software for voice communication.   1.TeamSpeak A rage in […]


Fotolink:Manage your Facebook Photos Easily

I always use to wonder about how to transfer my  pictures from one Facebook album to another ? Can we ever get a drag and drop feature for uploading pictures on Facebook ? Facebook doesn’t allow us to do so. So i researched a bit about this and found out this great application for managing […]


Some Must Know Facebook Tricks And Facts

Here are some cool Facebook tricks which are safe to use and fun to perform. 1. Get Chat History even when your friends are offline : Unlike Gmail and Yahoo! Facebook doesn’t really stores your chat history, but with a simple trick you can view your recent Chats. Step 1 : Obtain your Friend’s UID […]


Top 5 Image Sharing Websites

Those days are gone when we had to wait for the people to be in front of us to show them our pictures. Today we make use of photo sharing sites to share our photos with friends and relatives. So,here we present top 5 websites for photo sharing. 1.Photo Bucket PhotoBucket is by far the most […]


Top 5 Online Image Editing Tools

A large number of people don’t like space consuming and heavy applications such as Image editing softwares. So for them there are a number of online image editing apps available today. So, say bye to Photoshop and Coral Draw as here we present the top 5 Online image editing Sites. 1.Picnik Picnik is gaining popularity […]


Unzip Files Online Without Using Any Software

Ever received a zip file but did not had any software to unzip it at that point of time? Ever felt lazy to start your software like winrar or winzip to unzip the compressed files? Well, we all will agree that unzipping files online is more easy as compared to unzipping them using any software. […]

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