9 Tips to Select a Better Domain Name

Ch0osing a good domain is the most basic step for creating a blog or website for your product or services. A domain influences your blog to a great extent. It is the name of your site or the identity of your blog just like we have If your domain is hard to remember or spell, it will adversely affect your search engine optimization. Hence, choosing  a good domain is very vital for anyone who intends to start a blog or a website and reach new heights.

Here I will explain how to choose a good domain name.

1. Stick with .com extension

.com is by far the most widely accepted and used extension. It is mostly used domain extension today. However, if your are targeting particular countries, then the country extensions are useful for you (for e.g. .in for India, .us for USA).

2. Minimize the use of Slang

Avoid use of slang as much as possible. Using”u” at the place of “you” will although make your domain short but will only confuse the users.A long with being short, a domain should be easy to remember too.

3. Use of hyphens(-)

Hyphens cause a lot of confusion when the name of the site is communicated verbally. Hence, it may divert your traffic.Although it has some advantages too. Search engines tend to identify keywords better if they are separated by hyphens.

4. Keep the domain name short

Long domain names should be a strictly avoided as they are hard to remember and the visitors may not be able to visit your site again. Shorter domain names are an asset for the branding as they are easy to remember. This also reduces the chances of typing errors while entering the URL.

5. Avoid the use of numbers

Having numbers in the domain name is really not preferred as this also results in forgetting the website name. E.g- “” is easy to remember then remembering “”.

6. Use Plural forms

A plural domain name  is more preferred over the singular form. E.g-“” has more credibility over “”

7. Prefer Creative names over Generic names

With the  fast paced life, we usually narrow down more specific keywords while searching rather than searching for a general keyword.E.g.- A person while searching for laptops while not often type “laptops” but will  enter keyword with more specifications.

Generic names also describe your site better. E.g-“” describes Toyota’s site better than any other domain name could possibly do. Also, generic domain names rank better when searches are done with common keywords.

8. Make it keyword rich

Before choosing a domain name, take some pain to do keywords research online based on your niche.  Google Keywords or Wordtracker may prove to be a help for this purpose. Making the domain name keyword rich  helps in long term Search Engine Optimization Strategy. While doing so prefer not to use complex words or difficult to spell foreign words.

9. Sometimes one may not be enough

To make sure you do not loose traffic, try to register with some other popular domains. For example, Google have also registered  “” which is a really great strategy as they are also generating traffic from the users who might mistakenly go to the wrong site.

The success of a blog or website is directly connected to the quality of its domain.It is the basic and the foremost requirement  for the success of your blog or website. So, Be patient and consider the above given tips while selecting a domain name.

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  2. I like the 9th point to buy multiple domains if available buy .com, .org, .net, or .in may help you in long run as no body else can take profit of your domain name.

  3. Very good collections listed out here, i love the 2nd and 4th actually. good job.. go ahead

  4. Swamykant says:

    Hi Sarthak

    Multiple sites is a good idea but to choose a single good domain name is better.

    Nice Post dude

  5. Sarthak says:


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