7 Ways To Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa is a very important aspect for webmasters as improvement in Alexa ranking, a ranking system based on the information gathered about your website, is a significant indicator of the popularity of your website. This ranking system is based on the usage pattern of the website and is a combine measure of reach and page views. Here are some of the few ways and small things that can be done to raise your website ranking system.

increase alexa rank

1. Download and install Alexa toolbar:

This way you will be visiting your website which will be noting down the web statistics and performance on a daily basis from the convenience of your toolbar. This will help Alexa to get real time stats then and now so do not forget to visit your website on a daily basis.

2. Place Alexa rank widget in your blog:

When you place Alexa rank widget in you blog or website, you will find that each click on  the widget will be counted as a visitor, and this in turn is going to help you know and learn what is influencing and promoting for increasing page views and impressions.

3. Set Your Blog As Homepage:

This is one of the dirtiest tricks that you could do to increase your Alexa ranking. Set the homepage of the website of your firm or the blog as the home page on your computer, and on the computers connected to your office network. With every click when someone opens the browser, you page views is going to increase and your ranking on Alexa is going to get increased. Do not forget to do this in a café if you visit any.

4. Get your blogs registered in blog directories:

Registering your blog in blog directories, are keys for bringing in heaps of traffic to your website and also a way to increase your Alexa ranking. You can do it in some of the free directories available if not in some good paid directories if possible.

5. Write about Alexa:

It is always good to write one article about Alexa as this can help in increase your Alexa ranking. Probably, Alexa followers will read your article, and may tweet or share the posts.

6. Use Alexa Redirect Plug-in For WordPress:

Installing Alexa Redirect Plugin for WordPress is one of the best ways to increase your Alexa rank. This Plugin will add an extra link before your internal blog links which will give a good Alexa ranking. The code which will be added is, “

7. Get Alexa Review:

A review about your blog in will also affect your Alexa ranking in a huge manner. Try to get some reviews from your friends or try to write one or two reviews using your different IDs.

These are the simple but powerful ways to increase your Alexa ranking. If you have some extra money to spend on your website or blog you can check Improve Your Alexa Rank With Alexage. Comments are always appreciated!!

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  1. Awesome buddy 🙂 you made me remember those days when i use to bookmark my blogs in every computer i sit in cafe. Amazing! i know whenever the owner of that cafe sits on his system he deleted everything but then also i didn’t stop myself from bookmarking my blogs on cafe’s system. 🙂

    I know it won’t work, but it creates some fun inside you. 🙂 Good article!

  2. Rojish says:

    Nice post buddy 🙂

    I agree to all points except the use of Alexa redirect plugin. If we use it then it may affect Google indexing. Also that plugin is outdated and there wasn’t any updates after January 2008.

  3. pythonskynet says:

    I don’t think so, writing about Alexa improves your rankings.

  4. John says:

    I have installed alexa toolbar in my chrome browser, it’s all worth it.

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