7 Free iPhone Apps To Monitor Your Weight Loss

I am sure your busy days are not allowing you to maintain a good health and diet as time is flying away these days. No Worries, if you have an iPhone then you can still be fit and do all your works without missing it. These are the days where you will eat more and also you are tempted to forget about your diet for the weight loss program that you have formulated to manage your obesity problem.

weight loss iphone apps
Here are seven interesting applications for iPhone that will aid you in reaching your fitness goals :

1. Calorie Tracker

Developed by, calorie tracker is one of the best apps that you will be finding in the Apple’s app store for keeping track of your diet for the scheduled weight loss program. Obesity being one of the most common problem all over the world, and being the main cause of various cardiac ailments, this application permits you to set your weight management goals and tracks your calories and progress using a comprehensive online food journal with accessibility to track the amount of calories that you burn during your daily exercise and activities.
Download: Calorie Tracker

2. 40-30-30

This application is a one trick pony that lets you calculate the percentage of calories in a food from three macro-nutrient groups: carbohydrates, protein and fat, which should be in the nominal range of 40-30-30. This application will instantly help you to calculate this ratio for any food items that you would like to buy offering you a limiting factor or plan your meals accordingly. This is one of the best apps that I would always recommend to the readers of my Bistro MD Online Promotion blog as it can help in many ways.
Download: 40-30-30

3. iPump Free workout

This application has been credited as one of the best apps for curbing on your obesity problem. This application is a free alternative to iPump having two full body workouts targeting on your muscular build up and gets your body toned well, and makes it appear healthy. This also allows user to listen to music, watch video and demonstrate exercise, with the ability to record your workout activity.
Download: iPump Free Workout

4. StepTracklite

This application is the most popular pedometer software that has been blended well for use on iPhone at no cost. The software helps to keep track of your workouts, which in turn helps to maintain the journal for workouts as part of the weight loss regime. Some of the noteworthy features of Step Tracklite will include accurate and precise measurements and does more than measuring the steps, like the duration of your workout and how moderate and rigorous your work schedule has been.
Download: Step Tracklite

5. iSpinning

This application keeps track of mountain and road biking by measuring the following workouts like heart rates, time in target zones, calories burned, cadence, speed, distance and power, which will help you to plan weight loss workouts. This application is also compatible with many of the other fitness sensors and therefore, permits workout metrics for each ride.
Download: iSpinning

6. Pret-aYoga Lite

This is the most apt application for beginners in yoga, who finds yoga working out very well for them and will enlighten your yogic experience through each posture, breath and sequence. There are four stages of yoga available in this application, which will include Pranayama, Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B and beginner’s Sequence.
Download: Pret-a Yoga Lite

7. 2Fat

This is a simple application for calculating the body mass index and estimates the percentage of fat in your body. This application is the most useful application for keeping track of the fat in your diet to maintain a healthy appetite. There are loads of Go meal delivery plan available in the market which are always found to increase fat amount in you.
Downlaod: 2Fat

The good news here is that you do not have to hunt for a coupon discount to use these apps, as these all come free at no cost.Comments are always appreciated!!

Author Bio : Praveen is a technology fan and iPhone addict. He also scours the Internet for coupons and discounts on popular weight loss programs such as Bistro MD online promotion and Diet to Go meal delivery plan. He recently made available the Bistro MD online promotion and 25% off coupon for Diet to Go meal delivery plan, two meal replacement diets.

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  1. Satish says:

    Really help to lose the extra calories 🙂 great apps dude. who u get em ? lovely.

  2. Arjun Singh says:

    Lolz.. next app will “App that can calculate your weight ” .. 😛

    Bt still nice work.. i knw its hard to find this sort of weird things.. 😛

  3. It would be great if you added some screenshots too in to this, just a suggestion 🙂

  4. flash game says:

    i think this is a great applications provided by apple.

  5. The best weight loss app for the iPhone is hands down intelli-Diet ( This app is fantastic in that it takes into account what you have in your pantry and the food that you like and it plans out a diet for you to follow based on the amount of weight that you want to lose and also how you currently weight and how tall you are. It will tell you based on the data that you input how long it will take you to reach the weight that you want to be. If you are lucky enough to have reached your goal, it tells you how to maintain it. The app allows you to email your plan to an email address which is good because I often want to print my daily plan and I do not have a way to do that off of my iPhone. I have bought one for my sister as a birthday present and she reports that it is the best diet app that she has ever used. She and I hate to count calories and the beauty of this diet is that you do not have to count anything. The app does all the counting and figuring for you. I hate the entire serving size calculations that many diets require and there is none of that calculating while using this app. Another very cool thing about this app is that it gives you many alternatives to the menus that it suggests and you can just refresh the screen to bring up another suggestion. The app has a water tracker for folks like me who forget to drink water and it even has a reminder function to remind you that it is time for a snack or whatever. This app is super!

  6. Kelli says:

    Have you seen ChallengeLoop? You can do fitness challenges with yourself and your friends and track your progress by posting photos & videos. It’s great for losing weight and motivating yourself to maintain healthy habits. It’s an iPhone app and website.

  7. mirandajennings says:

    For me, I like LIFE HYPNOSIS among other fitness apps. It uses hypnosis to help me stay in shape and I am now living a more healthy lifestyle.

  8. XavierV. says:

    Please include life hypnosis in this list as it is one of the best fitness apps i’ve used. Thanks!

  9. Lawrence Bennet says:

    Hi guys! also check out the app i am using now which is life hypnosis. I’ve been so successful with my weight loss and I achieved the body I’ve always wanted all with the help of life hypnosis.

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