7 Best Racing Games For Android Users

Racing games always have an adrenaline rush that is all set to rock you. The racing games are a hot selling item in any computing platform. Google’s Android has become the best selling mobile operating system in 2011 and is expected to carry on this trend in 2012 also. Today we are going to tell you about some of the best racing games that are available for the Android mobile platform. So here 7 Best Android Racing games :

1. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

Asphalt is always known for its racing game titles and is selling like hot cakes on the Android platform. The game has a wide selection of cars ranging from Ferrari to Aston Martin. The games are set in the backdrop of a number tracks that get unlocked when you finish certain levels. The game also lets you play with your friends.

2. Reckless Getaway

This is another game that is little bit different from the racing genre games. This game makes you a robber who keeps on running from the cops wading through the traffic. This game is playable on 16 different tracks. Overall the game doesn’t have any rich graphics but it is high on entertainment quotient.

3. GT Racing Motor Academy

This game is high on graphics and presents a stunning gameplay. The user interface is simple, intuitive and has smoother controls. There are more than 100 cars to choose from that are manufactured from some of the best car manufacturers in the world. If your device is 3D capabilities then this game is for you.

4. Need For Speed Shift

I have grown up playing Need For Speed and this was the first game that I had installed on my Android device. The NFS Shift carries on the legacy of this fantastic racing game series and has successfully met my expectations. The excellent gameplay and stunning visuals are some of the features of this game that will make you buy this game. This game has some of the best cars in the world and the races are set in the backdrop of the 18 exotic locations all over the globe.

5. Extreme Formula

This is an interesting game that is set in the year of 2100 and the shiny graphics of this game is one of its main USP or unique selling proposition. The game has a number of game modes with 18 achievements and 15 career stage.

6. Raging Thunder 2

This is another cool 3D game that features the cross platform multi-player game that takes the racing to isolated temples, tropical beaches and snow covered mountains. There are a number of breathtaking visuals that are displayed from all over the world.

7. Fast Five – The Official Game

Another beauty from Gameloft and this game is inspired from the Fast and Furious 5 movie. The game starts from where the story was left in the Fast and Furious 4. The Brian O’Connor has transformed into a bad guy and has assembled a team of top racers for an ultimate high stakes racing game that follows all along the storyline of the movie.

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