7 Best Free Online Virus Scanners

Last night my laptop got infected with a malicious virus which hampered the normal activity on the system. It not only disabled the task manager, but made all my files hidden. On seeing this, I just relented myself for not using a good antivirus program for my laptop. The reason for the virus was a file which I downloaded from the internet. So I tried to find a way to scan the computer for virus using some sort of online virus scanners where we can perform a online antivirus scan. So today I will be telling you about some of the best online anti-virus scanners. So that you can use these online virus scanners to scan your system and find the infected files. Here are 7 Best Free Online Virus Scanners :

1. BitDefender QuickScan: This is one of the best online scanners that are available today. For using this online antivirus you need to download a plugin which would then initiate the test. Bitdefender Quickscan requires very low computer memory and can be used for the just the detection of the virus.

2. F Secure Online Virus Scanner: This is another reliable online virus scanning utility. This utility uses the ActiveX objects which are supported only on the Internet Explorer 6 or higher. This system requires a JVM on your system. It has the ability to detect and clean the viruses and trojans. The only downside of this scanning utility is that the virus removal is not guaranteed.

3. ESET Free Online Virus Scanner: This utility is provided by ESET which is one of the most reputed names in the antivirus industry. This scanner is also capable of detecting other forms of virus programs such as Trojans, worms and spywares. This online scanner currently will work only in the Internet Explorer. If you are using any other web browser then you can download an executable file to initiate the tests.

4. KaspersKey Online Virus Scanner: This online utility offers you a complete suite of tools which will make sure that you are safe and secure. This tool also requires you to download a small client or software which would initiate the tests.

5. Panda ActiveScan: Panda is another reputed name in the field of antivirus. This online virus scanning utility will help you detect the viruses but it may not be able to clean it. Sometimes it has been reported that the viruses go unnoticed or undetected. It requires you to install a small extension in order to scan the system.

6. TrendMicro Housecall: This online scanning tool is independent of the web browser that is used by the user but still it needs to know the architecture of your machine. This tool allows you to download a small executable file which would initiate the tests or scanning and display the results.

7. McAfee Free Online Virus Scanner: This is another important utility that scans for viruses, Trojans and other malware in your system. Like any other online virus scanner, you are required to download a file from the website for starting the tests.

There is also a great site Virus Total which scans a file using all the major antivirus programs and displays the report. You can check about it at Online Virus Scanner.

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  1. Aryan says:

    Before i was using KaspersKey Online Virus Scanner it’s not very good now going to try BitDefender QuickScan.

  2. Yiddish says:

    Best Free Antivirus is comodo antivirus, it destroys all kind of trojans and malwares also keeps PC 100% safe.

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