7 Best Free Internet Radio Sites for Online Music Streaming

Internet Radio works over an internet connection, this means you can listen to internet radio channels anywhere and anytime all you need is an internet connection. Internet Radio sites allow you to listen to your favorite radio channels and provides online music streaming. Today we would tell you about the Best Free Internet Radio Sites where you can listen to your favorite radio channels. So here are 7 Best Free Internet Radio Sites for Online Music Streaming :

1 . 1.FM: The website is one of the best radio website in the world of internet. The website has about 39 different radio stations which feature from Absolute TOP 40 to top 5 featured stations. This service is also available on various mobile devices using 3G/Wifi and EDGE streaming. This radio service covers major countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

2 . Pandora: This radio station uses the low level artificial intelligence where it tries to capture your radio habits and tries to put in the music that you want to listen. This service is now available only in the US and the users outside US cannot access the service. This radio service has faced the copyright violations in the past and this might be the reason for blocking access to outside US users.

3. Addicted To Radio: This radio service has about 80 channels which bring in 12 different types of music. The best part of this website is that you can embed the channels from the website on your  own website. This radio service also has the apps for various major mobile platforms.

4. AOL Radio: This radio service is one of the most popular internet radio in the North America. This service brings in hundreds of music channels from all over the globe. The best part is that you can add any channel to the present list without any kind of registration. The website has special radio plugins for Firefox and other browsers.

5. Onlinefmradio: This is basically an Indian radio service which has all the major radio stations of India. The songs that are featured on this website range from classic legends to the latest hits. The site has a dedicated section for the new songs, artists, top 15, Ghazals, Bhojpuri and much more.

6. AccuRadio: The radio has a number of channels to count. There are about ten to twelve genres of music that is available on the site and there is a special section for the classical music. You can check the most popular channels section on the website to find out which channels are currently popular among the users.

7. OnlineRadioStations: This website has about 32 radio channels and these channels are sorted according to the regions and genres. After registration on the site, you can create your own playlist and can listen to all the stations that are listed on the website.

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