6 Plugins To Make WordPress Hack-Proof

WordPress being one of the most popular blogging platforms, turning the heads of many or the problogger towards them, they have not escaped the vicious eyes of hackers. If you would like to keep the hackers at bay, wordPress has the essential tools for the same purpose, and here we will discuss six of the most common hack proofing tools and Plugins from WordPress.


1. WP Security Scan

This plug-in works by scanning the entire website or blog right from the beginning installation and will track down all the vulnerabilities like database security, passwords, admin security and file permissions. There are two important jobs that this does, one is to remove the META tags and other is to hide the version of WordPress that you are using.
Download: WP Security Scan

2. Force SSL:

When you buy an SSL certificate and implement this into your website or blog, enable SSL in your admin area for securing your connection safely via SSL. Following this, the installation of this plug-in will force the user to access pages only by using SSL, and therefore will keep the hackers at bay. The transmission of data is secure using SSL connection.
Download: Force SSL

3. Secure WordPress

This helps to secure the WordPress installation by removing miscellaneous items, which are vulnerable to hackers. This also helps to remove the error information and change the WP-version of data, removes the unwanted information in the non-admin section, or in other words, all changes are made only in the non-admin sections. They also add a blank index.html, so that when someone views those unwanted informations, they will be able to see a blank page.
Download: Secure Word Press

4. Login Encrypt

This plug-in encrypts login information using the complex DES and RSA combination. The transmission of the information uses the JavaScript to append and encrypt the password of the user and generates a unique DES key. By using this key, you will be provided with a unique security each time when you login.
Download: Login Encrypt

5. Admin SSL

This plug-in works on both the Private and shared SSL connections, which will force a SSL connection in every page where you have set up to request a password to enter the page. This is a very helpful plug-in that helps to protect not only the admin area, but also other posts that you have posted, and all the pages of your WordPress installation and secure the login page. This plug-in works only on WordPress 2.2 to 2.7 versions.
Download: Admin SSL

6. Chap Secure Login

When you are not confident of using a secure connection like SSL, and find it daunting, then there is a much easier plug-in to work with. This plug-in is used to protect your password, and does this by encrypting your passwords, therefore is not an easy job for hackers to decode the password. The only unencrypted information that happens to pass through unsecured is your username, while the rest of the information is transmitted using encryption.
Download: Chap Secure Login

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  1. amit says:

    Extremely Useful info thnx fr d share

  2. John says:

    Great post Akshay. Will surely add the plugins to protect my wordpress website.

  3. joomlaserviceprovider says:

    Greetings. We are pleased to announce the release of wSecure. wSecure hides your WordPress admin URL with a special key so that only you can access. The problem with WordPress is that anyone can tell if your site is WordPress by simply typing in the default URL to the administration area (i.e. wSecure helps you hide the fact that your website is built with Worpdress from prying eyes.

    Check out wSecure in action here:

  4. Murray says:

    There’s a couple more worth looking at;

    We use all three. The first one has proved to be very valuable and has saved my bacon a few times!

  5. raj says:

    bullet proof and wp-lockdown also best for wordpress security.

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