6 Great Twitter Apps for Android

Unlike Facebook, which was created primarily for the desktop and laptop users, Twitter has always been meant for the people who like to participate in social networking while they are on the move. Initially when the mobile OS platforms were not as developed as they are today, you were able to send text messages to Twitter and they would be posted as tweets on your profile. Nowadays, mobile apps are also as sophisticated as their desktop counterparts and they offer many features which can make your social networking life significantly easier. In this article we will list a number of Twitter apps for Android which we consider to be great replacements for the website version of this service. There is also an official Twitter App for Android but we are not going to list it as it offers limited features and nearly every user knows about it.

Slices for Twitter


OneLouder Apps brings us this beautiful Twitter client which distinguishes itself from the rest by the original and useful design as well as by some features which aren’t usually present in other Twitter apps. Slices for Twitter are is fast, responsive and delightful to use. The most important & innovative addition is the ability to browse directories on Twitter by category, but you will also be pleasantly surprised by the ability to divide your timeline into easier to follow parts (so called “slices”), keep bookmarks of your favorite accounts and synchronize data on the web.



With clear and easily navigable UI, Scope is one of our favorite Android social network hubs. With Scope, you can control not only your accounts on Twitter, but also on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare and Reddit. One neat feature that you can find on Scope is the ability to have unified profiles of your friends which are present on more than one social network.



It is one of the most popular Twitter clients, which boasts of its great looking interface, responsiveness and the fact that you can count on it not to let you down. It is optimized for almost all tablet and smartphone resolutions, and looks good on all screens. You can use it to post simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook, as well as to manage multiple accounts on Twitter. It lets you add filters to photos before you post them and, if you like it, eliminates the need for a keyboard by enabling you to dictate your tweets into a microphone.

Tweet Lanes

Praised for the ease of use and the cool, native Android design, Tweet Lanes is one of our favorites on this list. It is designed for heavy twitter users – supports multiple accounts, utilizes swipe controls for more comfortable navigation, features automatic image and video previews. And what is most important, it moves out of your way and lets you dedicate your attention to the content.

Tweetings for Twitter


Tweetings is all about letting you have your space – it supports larger screen sizes with the use of panes and lets you tweet long by supporting TwitLonger service. One of its main advantage is the ability to resend failed tweets which can be really handy when you are tweeting from an area with bad internet connection. Also, if you are connected to a WiFi network, you will be able to stream tweets on the timeline and read them as they arrive no need to refresh your timeline again and again.

UberSocial for Twitter


UberSocial boasts with the sheer number of features it supports – from the ability to bookmark some of your favorite people in order to give them special treatment on your timeline and a very cool and innovative feature which lets you mute certain hashtags, to themable interface and multiple account support, UberSocial has something for everyone.

Kindly let us know which one if your favorite Twitter App and why? If you prefer to use any other Twitter App on your Android Smartphone other than the ones mentioned above do let us know by commenting below.

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    Nice apps for twitter application for mobile users.tweet caster is the best known application among them.

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