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Most of the users use their blog/site URL directly anywhere they want. If you are sharing links with anyone then long URLs might be annoying for them. Nowadays people have started sharing shorten URLs on social networking sites and elsewhere.  Well, shortening of URL is so much in trend now that certain sites have their own URL shorteners. URL shortening is required as they are easy to remember and type. There are number of sites available for shortening the URLs. We are going to tell you the Top 6 Best URL shortener which you can use to shorten your URLs. These URL shorteners have been selected on the basis of their performance, features & User interface.

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The site has been functional since 2002. It is one of the best URL shortener because it is quite easy to use and customize as per the user preferences. The site allows the users to shorten the url and choose a custom alias for it. For example, users can shorten a url and the shortened hyperlink can be chosen as : “”. The site also provide a unique feature called as preview where the users can see where the URL is redirecting them.

Apart from letting you shorten the URLs, Bitly also allows the users to organize their links. The site also displays number of clicks on the shorten URLs so that users can keep a track of popularity of their links. Another amazing thing about the site is its integrated social sharing feature. It also allows the users to share their shorten URLs directly on Facebook & Twitter.

It make the URLs easy to read and also has a unique option to generate shorten pronounceable URL. The site has a simple interface and user just needs to enter the URL he/she needs to shorten and click Shorten button. Users can also log statistics for the shorten url.

This URL shortener is offered by StumbleUpon which is one of the most famous social networking site that allows you to stumble throughout the net. Many webmasters/bloggers also use the site has a potential source for referral traffic and thereby keep sharing their website/blog links on the site. It also provides a history viewer, gives the number of reviews and likes on your link. The site even suggests you with the best posts/articles according to your interests. The only problematic thing about the site is that users need to register on the site before they can shorten their URLs.

This is an official URL shortener from Google and has become quite popular in short span of time. It is a trusted and reliable shortener which include some unique features such as click analysis. Users can see the number of clicks received on the shorten URL. It also shows the platform of the users who clicked on the url and their browser.

McAfee is a leading company in internet and computer security domain. Mcafee has created their own URL shortener which provides a secure way of shortening and sharing the hyperlinks. When a user clicks a shorten URL it is opened in an frame rather going to the link directly. Users can report the shorten URLs if they find it misleading or bad.

In spite of the useful qualities of a URL shortener, few users use them to shorten the malware links and spread on the Internet. So you should be cautious while clicking on shorten URLs from untrusted sources. Which one do you use to shorten your URLs? Do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. is the best ever tool to shorten your long annoying URL. I also using it because of easy to use it.

  2. Samer says:

    I would also say is best and unbeatable, BTW good post Sachin.

  3. Limo Hire says:

    I suggest you to use goo. Gl. Because, it is a service of Google’s. So, There is no risk on link dyeing. No more long URL to remember, even write down.

  4. Dan says:

    Could you please add one more to the list?

    There are plenty of advanced options such as link passwords, expiry date, custom names, folders, number of uses, private or public.

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