5 Ways To Speed up Computer

No matter how great a configuration your computer comes with, if you use it with negligence, its performance will go down. Even the best of processors feel the heat when your memory runs high and there are a bit too many applications to be comfortable.

In such cases what works to speed up computers is an approach towards managing memory carefully and ensuring there is no undue pressure on the processor.


Below we mention top 5Β  ways to speed up computer :

  • Defragmentation: Whenever we retrieve a file and make changes to it, the changes are saved at a new location on the memory. With time, these fragments get displaced by much distance and separated. To retrieve these files, the processor must go to each fragment and process it. This puts an extra pressure in comparison to a situation when all the fragments are located next to each other. With defragmentation, you achieve that precisely. You line all the fragments together for easier processing.
  • Antivirus: Viruses are the worst thing that can happen to your computer. They not only consume processing power to multiply themselves, they eat up memory as well. If you let them unchecked for long, they can infect each file on your PC making it more or less useless. To ensure that your computer stays protected and runs quickly, install a reliable anti-virus program.
  • Boot up optimization: This involves choosing only the necessary applications to boot at the start up. It helps in minimizing the pressure on the processor at the start up. Try to un-select all the applications that are not essential for the boot up and you might experience a lot faster start to your computer.
  • Memory management: Memory directly controls how the processor works. Being the place where everything lies stored, it is essential that you manage it properly. Try to delete all unnecessary files and program that you don’t use. For this, go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all the programs that you don’t use on a regular basis. Look for duplicates and remove them too. Fortunately there are a few reliable software that you can use to remove duplicates without looking for them manually.
  • Disk/Drive Scans: With time, disks develop what is called as bad sectors. These bad sectors are dead segments that don’t let the processor pass through them. Once the processor reaches them, the result is usually a freeze or a crash. To avoid such instances, check your disk on regular basis and save yourself the agony of a slow computer.

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Heather Dedee, a freelance writer

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  1. Arjun Singh says:

    These are really nice ways.. πŸ˜€

    Keep Sharing more.. πŸ™‚

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  3. Abhimanyu says:

    i think you should give some more tips rather than these……these are commom and even all can do that…u should try something else…!that i recommend..!

  4. Nisha Shah says:

    Don’t forget about Unwanted Registry.This is also a cause of slow PC.

  5. BxL says:

    There are 2 ways that you haven’t mentioned. Registry clean-ups and overclocking. I’m not sure that overclocking would make it to top 5, but registry clean-ups surely do. You mentioned about disk defrags. The software that comes with the operating system isn’t that great. I would recommend downloading another program from the internet. Read more about speeding up computers at

  6. Arjun Singh says:

    The post was really amazing and i guess you would have worked laboriously before writing on this.. πŸ™‚

    U ROCKED IT>.. πŸ™‚

  7. Troy says:

    Very interesting article. Defragmentation is something not many people know and it works very well, especially after using your PC for quite a while. Another great tip to speed your PC up is to disable fancy Windows themes and just use the regular one. You can see on this speed up pc site for more cool tips to speed your pc up.

    Anyway, nice article and I like your site as well. Cheers

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