5 Tips to Keep Your Blog Clean

This title may sound little weird to you but if you take a close look then this would be an important one for you and your blog. Keeping the blog clean does not mean asking someone to clean it with a broom, it is keeping it neat in the look. There are certain things which you must not do in your blog to keep it clean. I have discussed some of the few important tips here which will make your blog get an upper hand in the feel as well.

clean your blog

1. Swipe of Unnecessary Ads:

I accept the fact that Ads are important in your blog as it makes you earn something to pay your hosting bills and even if you have a big blog it will help you to get bread and butter. There is also a problem associated with it, too much of ads can spoil the blog. Always keep the saying in mind, “Too much of anything is good for nothing”, too many ads can definitely annoy the users and make them go away. This will be a loss for you in two ways, no clicks on the ads and also losing a visitor turning out to be a reader. You can keep 2 ads for your CPC campaigns and one slot for affiliate marketing sales like hosting discount or some vouchers etc.

2. Font Color and Size:

I will close a site or a blog immediately when I see them having an ugly font color with font size like an elephant’s ear.  Always keep the font color as black and also make sure the font size is not above 10. Always remember the font size and color can be a problem to the eyes of the readers as well.

3. Quality:

Quality, this is the word which will do the magic for you. Always post only quality articles in your blog, this will bring back your visitors again without any conditions. Also make sure that you post only relevant articles in your blog, do not post health article in a tech category. This will also definitely affect the quality of the blog, so never over do anything. Make sure you have the right posts in the right category with thumb size images exactly posted.

4. Design:

This is bit tricky, you must be careful in it. Make sure you have a unique design with a neat overlook. Even if you buy a custom theme make sure you hire a designer and re-alter it as per your needs. The design should be simple but at the same time it should be attractive as well. Always have the image thumb size as 150*150 in the main page of your blog and also do not keep too many posts in the upper part of your design.

5. Avoid too many Plug-ins:

I have seen few blogs running on wordpress and Joomla keeping too many plug-ins in all the pages. Too many plug-ins can definitely slow down the loading speed of the blog as well. So make sure you have only necessary plug-ins.

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  1. cyberbob says:

    I think this is an interesting article by author and if we follow these steps we really going to get our blog clean

  2. Ravi says:

    yep …. i follow these all

  3. Michelle says:

    yes, completely agree, good looks attract more visitors, i was reading a blog for all the first impression a great effect, whether positive or negative, so to put put into practice these tips, thanks.

  4. Oliviabest says:

    You’ve provided really good tips for a nice looking blog. Clean appearance and compelling content are highly important and efficient tools in enhancing of a blog views

  5. Rohit Batra says:

    use of useless plug-ins and pages full of ad’s are least liked by readers.. so it’s better to give readers also some space..

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