5 Tips To Get Retweeted From Twitter Profiles With High Klout

One of the best things about Twitter is that many celebrities and otherwise notable users actually tweet for themselves; making it many a fan’s dream to be retweeted by their idol. There are benefits to being retweeted, mentioned or replied to by a celebrity. The main one is simply reveling in the glory of interacting with someone you admire. More tangibly, however, a celebrity who retweets you and has 250,000 followers will send A LOT of people your way. If the rest of your tweets are up to par then you could gain a lot of followers and some serious clout in the Twitterverse.

While there is no definite formula to exactly what a twitter notable will respond to, there are certainly things someone can do to increase their chances.

1. Make Some Friends

On Twitter having a lot of followers makes you seem legitimate. While there are many ways to acquire followers simply having them is a positive. In the same way that a canonical news source has more authority than a local paper, a user with a lot of followers or an updated blog like PostcardMania (an established marketing and direct mail service provider) is more likely to be mentioned because they seem to have more authority than others.

2. Be interesting

Obviously, the more interesting your tweet is, the more likely it is to be retweeted. But how does one become interesting? Probably the easiest way to say something worthwhile is to say it first. Breaking news is always interesting. If a user sees an engaging website, a current news story or funny observation come from you first they are more likely to retweet it from the source than construct an opinion themselves.

3. Less is More

It doesn’t take long for a Twitter feed to seem like a cage of squawking parrots. It’s fun to follow someone new who produces quality tweets, but it’s more fun to unfollow someone who tweets every five minutes. In your tweets, go for quality over quantity, that way people will actually read them and think better of your insight. There are tools to monitor your tweet flow, but a good general rule is to keep it to about one an hour.

4. Ask Questions

The best thing about Twitter for celebrities is that it gives them a chance to promote themselves without seeming like they are. Twitter makes a shameless plug like, “My new movie comes out tomorrow.” simply seem like what is on the person’s mind –it’s not advertising, it’s internal dialogue. Secretly, celebrities are itching to have fans ask questions that they want to answer. A question like “Can we see a sneak peek of your new fashion line?!” gives a celebrity the perfect opportunity to talk about their new line (what they wanted to do in the first place) while seeming like they’re engaging their fans. Even if you don’t get a sneak peek of the new line, a retweet was really what you were asking for. “No pictures yet @you! But check out on the 30th!!!”

5. Help them, help you

Research has shown that users are more likely to retweet at certain times. It seems that afternoons, especially on the weekends are when most users, including twitter big wigs, are replying, retweeting and adding new followers.

Additionally, if your goal is being retweeted, then be careful to only post something that can be retweeted. Tweets can only be 140 characters long and when someone retweets a user it adds a “RT @you” code to the front. If you have a long Twitter handle and your original post was 130 characters long then there just isn’t room to retweet you.

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