5 SEO Tips on How to List Your Business in the Directory

If you inquire from any qualified search engine optimization (SEO) consultant the importance of listing your business in the directory, they will inform you that chances of your business being viewed will increase drastically. This is because the directory has the capacity to increase more traffic in your website and creates a huge client base. However, you need to include very key and important details to remind people of who you are and how they will get hold of you. To make your search more effective give summarized information as opposed to writing a story about your business. Here are some seo tips to get you included in the business directory.

seo tips list business in directory

Provide contact information : It is important to give the correct contact information like the address, business address, phone contacts, fax number and email address. You also need to state where your business is located, which state and to make it easier for the users, indicate a map which will direct them to your place without having to call you.

Give business details : Include the name of the company, the zip code and the postal address. Give a brief of the products and services you deal with.

State the hours of operation : You should include the time you open and close your business to enable people to contact you at the right time. It is also important to note if you operate on weekends, national holidays and on public holidays.

Indicate your logo or tag line : A tag line is a statement that identifies you and your business. Clients remember and associate you with that name. Choose one that relates to your line of business and is easy to remember. Provide an eye catchy line that will bring out competitiveness and separates you from the rest. Make it to be bold and stand out on the web page. If possible include colors but do not overdo it.

State your payment options : You need to indicate the methods you preferred to be paid. If you allow PayPal, debit cards or cash. List all of them so that customers may know which means to use when purchasing from you.

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