5 Reasons why you should have a Mobile Version of your Blog/Site

Today creating a blog or a website is a child’s play, but maintaining it and reaching your target audience is a tough task. These days many people access the Internet from their mobile devices. So it has become important to have a mobile version of your blog/website so that you can give your readers what they want even on a smartphone.

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Here are the 5 top reasons for your website or blog to have a mobile version.

5 Reasons your blog should have Mobile Version

#1. Readers will be able to read the content easily

If you don’t have a mobile version of your blog, then try to access it via your phone. You will see the web version of your blog and you will be scrolling constantly both horizontally and vertically to read your articles. Imagine if your readers find it difficult to read it on a mobile, you will surely lose some readers. So that’s the first reason, you should have a mobile version.

By having a mobile version, you will be able to read the contents with much ease. Thus if you can read it, so will your readers. They will be able to navigate easily and thus you won’t lose on your loyal readers.

#2. Fast Loading Time

There is an added advantage if you have a mobile version. Your website will load much faster than your web version. This happens because all your images are compressed for the mobile version and maximum of the ads are eliminated. Thus compared to the web version, your blog’s mobile version will have a much faster loading time.

If you are not providing a mobile version, then even when viewing your website through a mobile, the web version will appear, thus all the big images and the ads too will load along with it; thus the load time will be much more than the mobile version.

#3. Your content will be the first priority

Going for the mobile version, you will ensure that your readers are able to view your content much easily and comfortably. As a result your readers will engage with your blog more efficiently, thus you will build some relationship with your readers via your blog.

Mobile versions are highly optimized to give the readers what they are looking for, i.e. the content. People visit your blog to read the articles and not the ads, thus in a mobile version all such distractions are eliminated and content is provided highly optimized for better engagement.

#4. Reach the mobile audience effectively

As we all know, the smart phones market is growing at a rapid rate, every person today is a proud owner of a smartphone or a high-end mobile. As a result, people access the internet mostly from their smart devices.

Having a mobile version, you can assure yourself that your blog is open to a high number of future readers. If you don’t provide a mobile version, then believe me, you are losing a large community of potential readers.

#5. Keep your readers updated on the go

Your readers can’t go everywhere with there computer or laptops. But they never forget to carry their mobiles. Today people like to stay updated via their mobiles. So why not target them as your potential readers.

Your blog will also have many email subscribers and loyal readers, of which a high number will be youngsters that stay glued to their mobiles all day long. As a result, you will be able to give your readers the stuff they want on the device they like, i.e. their mobiles.

I hope that you might have now understood the importance of having a mobile-friendly version of your blog. So go on and roll out your mobile version and target each and every possible reader.

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