5 Most Popular Web Browser’s in The World

Internet is one of biggest necessity for all of us now a days but did you ever thought what will you do with internet if you don’t have a perfect browser ,because we all know that without browser no one is able to surf cyber world. But these days we get a great variety of web browser which are available for us but I decided to write about 5 best and most popular web browsers available in the market today which you can use for surfing as well as downloading files and other media.


The Firefox browser is one of best browser in the world which is created by Mozilla. One thing I personally like about this browser is that it is an  non-profit organization whose aim is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web. Firefox make browsing easy, provide high performance, protect your PC by giving you advance security and much more. It has thousands of plugins/ add-ons available for enhancing its features and functionalities. Firefox also support various themes to provide great visual experience. You can check our post regarding the best firefox themes.

2.Internet Explorer 9

Windows Internet Explorer 9 which is abbreviated as IE9 and said to be as latest version of the Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft. IE9 also provide great variety of cool feature like Clean Browser, Reduced Menu, Check your website threats and much more. As we all have heard about the news of 2.4 million downloads of IE9 in just 24 hours after its launch, it clearly shows the popularity of this browser.

3.Google Chome

Google chrome is another cool browser after IE9 and Firefox. Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. Google Chrome is said to run the websites and various web applications with a lightning speed. The incognito mode in Google chrome enables you to browse the internet privately. Just like Firefox, Google chrome supports various extensions to enhance its functionalities according to user preferences. You can check out 10 great Google Chrome extensions.

4.Safari (Apple)

Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple and included as part of the Mac OS X operating system. It is another cool browser which is known for its fastest browsing speed.


Opera is also another best web browser available in the market today which is very popular due to its lightening fast browsing, safe & secure browsing and power full features.Opera is available for PC, Mac and linux. It is also available on various mobile platforms as opera mini. It also supports various extensions to provide add-on functionality to the users. You can check out 15 Best Opera extensions.

I hope these are the best 5 browser which is used by maximum people all over the world but if you think their are some other then for sure drop the name in comment box

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  1. cyberbob says:

    I think these 5 browser are best web browsers for exploring the internet

  2. Rakesh Kumar says:

    All know that Firefox is on top but this time i thinking to try Safari. What you say?

  3. Usman says:

    Firefox and Google Chrome are very good web browsers

  4. Umer says:

    I love Google chrome because it is light weight but as far as security is concerned Mozilla firefox leads the list of good web browsers

  5. I think Chrome is the best, light weight, fast, and secure. I have not used IE9 till now though.

  6. One more browser should be get added, its For The Indian and By The Indians, browser called “Epic”..

  7. Yasiruddin says:

    hai friendzzzzzzz…………
    i have almost web browser ………
    but i think only GOOGLE CHROMe is better than all those,……

  8. Yasiruddin says:

    but the operA is very poor as i know…………

  9. Prabir Das says:

    Look,my opinion is when you call some some internet browser the best,then it should be mainly based on the speed @ which the operations are executed in that browser…I’m using a poor dial-up internet connection & according to me I’ll vote Opera as the fastest browser….nonetheless because of its Turbo mode feature which gives me the ease of access to browse the pages…even Google hhrome is not that fast.

  10. mohit says:

    firefox is best and chrome after that…….

  11. nani says:

    All know that Firefox is on top
    very good browser Firefox

  12. Firefox is good – Google chrome creates problem while using roboform

  13. reviva says:

    i prefer chrome over firefox.

  14. Fakhra says:

    Maxthon is the best browser

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