5 Link Building Mistakes You Should Avoid

Once you start the blog, one of the first challenges that you face is how to get more traffic through Search engines. Many bloggers try to get higher ranking on Google through link building. They start building links aggressively. In this article we discuss how this approach can backfire and some mistakes that newbie bloggers should avoid while building links.

Before we just into these tactics, let’s try to understand the basic idea behind these. Each link that you build should appear natural or editorial to google. This means that other websites link to your content because the content is insightful. Google does not want you to create links through manipulation. Hence paid links are devalued by Google. For the same reason if you put your link on every post that you make on forums, those links are also considered unnatural. On the other hand if you build an infographics or write an article on something which is useful and a journalist links to it because it is useful, it is an editorial link.

link building mistakes

To understand if you are following bad linking practices, you would need a tool to check your back links. Opensite explorer or MajesticSEO can help you see your link profile. You can also use data from you Google webmasters account on your links and anchor text. MajesticSEO lets you see the links in your neighborhood. We will also need that tool to analyze the quality of backlinks. Now let’s take a look at some important Link Building Mistakes You Should Avoid :

Mistake #1. Poor anchor text distribution

Before you start building links, you should have a list of keywords that you want to target. Many bloggers build list of links and then build links with exact same anchor text. This is a red flag for Google. Ensure that you have a good distribution of anchor text. If you have some links with exact keyword you want to rank for, build some links that have generic keyword like your domain name or “Click here”.

Mistake #2. Link location

This problem generally appears for paid links. If your link is in footer or side bar and appears on all pages on the website, Google may get suspicious that your links are paid. For this reason, links in the content are better than those outside the content on linking website. Another type of such links which are devalued is links that appears in signature on forums. It is easy for Google to find out such links algorithmically.

Mistake #3. High authority websites

Large percentage of links from high authority websites is another indication of manipulation. If you have acquired paid links or recently ran a PR campaign or issued press releases, then you would get good mention on authority websites or popular blogs. Ensure that you already have good number of links from less popular but quality sources also.

Mistake #4. Matching C-Block IP Address Links

First try to understand what C-block IP addresses mean. Ensure that you are not getting large percentage of your inbound links from same C Block IP addresses. This is because these links are from your neighborhood websites and Google views large links from neighborhood as unnatural.

Mistake #5. Building large number of links quickly

So you go on link building overdrive and build all sorts of link in shortest possible time to have greatest reward for your efforts. That’s exactly what you should not be doing. Building too many links is a signal Google uses to understand that links are not being built naturally. Remember we said at the beginning of the article, build link naturally.

There are other mistakes that you should avoid before you get penalized. But this article summarizes the most common mistakes committed by new bloggers. If you have observed any Google penalty for unnatural link building pattern, share them below in comments.

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