5 iPhone Apps that Help Students Save Money

For those students who have just graduated high school and are thinking about going to college next year, consider investing in an iPhone. With the iPhone, students can download many useful apps through the iTunes store that can help them save money and put it towards that IT degree they may be working on.

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 Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader is an ingenious app that utilizes the iPhone’s GPS and camera in order to find the best deals locally or online. All the user has to do is take a picture of the UPC on a product at any store and Barcode Reader runs through a database of stores and online markets that sell the same product. Once the search is complete, the phone displays the product with the cheapest price, where to find it, as well as gives reviews on the product. It also allows users to create wish lists that they can email to anyone, including parents. Barcode reader will help students find what they want at the best price no matter where it is located.  Download Barcode Reader.

 Gas Buddy

This app is very similar and will help with transportation. Gas Buddy will lead you the cheapest gas station around. Imagine all the commuting to and from college, going out with friends and meeting parents. This app utilizes the GPS on the iPhone just like Barcode Reader and tells users where to find the cheapest fuel. This app alone can save college students a couple hundred bucks a year, a definite help when paying for books or classes. Download Gas Buddy.


Maps + is also helpful when driving. This app gives the user directions as to the shortest route from point A to point B. The user just plugs in the address of where he/she wants to go and Maps+ finds the location and the user’s location and then maps the quickest route. Download Maps+.

 Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is another great app that helps users save money on wherever they go. Coupon Sherpa  finds coupons for nearly any store. Users just type the store in and watch as the screen fills up with savings. What’s even more valuable about Coupon Sherpa is that it has coupons that are exclusive to Coupon Sherpa users. So a friend may have an online coupon for Barnes and Noble, but Coupon Sherpa may have a better one. It’s definitely a good app for students who need to buy books, supplies or just about anything, anywhere. Download Coupon Sherpa.


Skype is a free texting app. If students want a free text plan, this is a good option. Take texting off the plan and download Skype. The app allows users to text with multiple friends at the same time and also, depending on what iPhone the user has, by using the forward camera, users can video chat with friends. All of those options are free by using Skype, making it a great choice for teen students who prefer texting to calling in the first place. Download Skype.

The iPhone is a great device that can help anyone, including students, save money and accomplish more with their paychecks and savings. There are many affordable plans for iPhone and considering the money saved, it would be questionable not to utilize one–especially since there is even more money saving apps on iTunes than were mentioned here.

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  1. I would download these apps when I will get an iPhone. Hopefully, soon!

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