5 Great Websites or Tools To Find Duplicate Content

These days many other people copy your content and you might even not be aware about it. Also most bloggers allow guest posting or their blogs and some people even hire some paid writers for their blog. Imagine what if content they providing is copied or some one else is copying all your articles. So today I am going to discuss about 5 Great Websites or Tools To Find Duplicate Content.

1. Copyscape :
It is one of the best tool to find duplicate content. All you need to do is paste the url of your post or article in the box provided by Copyscape and click go button. It would then display the pages which have matching content. You can click any of the results and the tool would display the number of matching words on the page and how much percentage of the page is copied.

2. CopyGator :
Copygator actually monitors your RSS Feed and try to find out where your content is being republished. Site even offers various ways to get notified whenever someone copies content from your site and republish it on another site/blog.


3. Plagium :
In case of Plagium you need to paste or type the content/text which you doubt is copied in the box provided by the site. You can then perform quick as well as deep search over the web for pages having the same text which you typed in the box.


4. CopyRightSpot :
This site is quite similar to copyscape, all you need to do is enter the url or blog feed in the box provided and the tool would search for copied content all over the web. It also shows number of words that has been copied.

copyright spot

5. Virante :
This tool is different from the above mentioned tools. This tool tries to find out the duplicate content problem which might be present due to reasons like indexing of both www and non www pages of your website.

duplicate content


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  1. Now I am going to check how many articles you have copied.. 😛 😀
    JK, anyway thanks.. it will going to help me to do some DMCA..

  2. Well I love copyscape but they are limited for free members and So once I reach the limit I use the next alternative possible out of which you have mentioned above.

    Good Work !!!

  3. Ayush Gupta says:

    Thanks for info bro.

  4. cyberbob says:

    This is really a nice article and because now a days blogger try to copy other content ,this tool helps to check those content pirates,,

  5. vinayaknagri says:

    there are many people who copy content from other blogs, these sites would definitely help many people.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Jenni says:

    I think they will spin the content before copy it, so these tools cant detect them.

  7. Rajashekar says:

    Hej, Thanks for your nice information. Now I am checking all my websites with the above tools.

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