5 Great Software For Voice Communication

Few days ago, me and my colleagues were working for a project. We decided to talk online together but had no idea how to do so. I searched online and found some extraordinary software for free group voice communication. Here are the reviews of 5 great software for voice communication.



A rage in the gaming arena, TeamSpeak offers quality voice communication via Internet .It hosts voice servers,thus capable of handling thousands of simultaneous users. It uses low resources and does not costs conflict with the running programs. It also has a firewall friendly file transfer which comes in handy for business conferences. Its voice quality and the set of features it offers is certainly unmatched.


One of the most popular software, Skype is the right software for you if you need to talk to your family and friends. Skype possess superior voice quality, easy functionality, integrated social networking, group sms and file transfer service too. One of the remarkable feature is that skype offers calls to landlines and mobiles at cheap rates.

After personally using Skype, I found out that it hogs a lot of bandwidth if you decide to host a teleconference with many people.Also, the file transfer speed didn’t matched my expectations. However, Skype is truly an awesome application for voice communication.


Other than offering surround sound voice communication and it also offers special sound effects, Ventrilo offers each user an option to fully customize exactly how they want to hear sounds from other users. It also has a simple user interface so that options frequently visible can be easily selected. Lots of audio codecs choices, cheap server hosting options. If you have any problems associated with network latency  or packet loss, Ventrilo is the right choice for you.


This site took off as  an online gaming utility with gaming forums,groups etc. but now has a match set of voice  communication features to offer too.  Although it is unable to compete with the companies like TeamSpeak or Ventrilo but since it is easy to set up , it works well for small group of gamers. Scripts can be customized to integrate it with your websites.

With its file sharing can now download a wide variety of patches, demos, trailers, and movies directly through Xfire.But then playing game , voice chat and downloading will require a lot of bandwidth too. This has to be given a thought. The microphone settings seem sort of  unresponsive compared to other voice programs, and the sound quality could be better.The worst thing about xFire is that it only works with windows.

5. RogerWilco

There are many programs available for voice communication  but the ease of use in RogerWilco is something which makes it standout of the crowd. Another good feature is that the voice only transmits when you hit the transmit button. Any button can be configured to work as the transmit button. But there is one problem with using RogerWilco. When I inquired from some Roger users, I found out that it will not work with half duplex sound card properly. With Half duplex, you will only be able to listen which is not really encouraging.However, It is worth giving a try because you only risk time.


Another notable software for  voice communication is Mumble which has good voice quality and echo cancellation so the sound from the loudspeakers is not audible to other players.

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  1. TeamSpeak versus Vent. I tend to like Vent better. However, there was no real clear reason why I preferred it.

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  3. Awesome list but my question is if all are providing you same facility then why go with other? I mean if one is using skype why they choose another? A big competition to all.

    • Sarthak says:

      Hi Irfan !!
      Thanks for the compliment !
      Nice question dere !! 😛
      I have used skype for a long time !! i shifted to teamspeak on one of my clan mate’s suggestion (Gaming heh !:D) !! Believe me !! TeamSpeak is so awesome !! Skype has limited features too ! i tried hosting a conference of around 7-8 people.. it hogged a lot of bandwidth which is also mentioned in the post !!! Also, if we are getting many additional features there is no harm in trying the sofware, is there ? 🙂

  4. Sarthak says:

    I liked ventrilo for its sound effects !!

  5. Arjun Singh says:

    Wat do u say Sarthak.. Which of these is the best.. ?

  6. aman says:

    team speak mein screen share hai???

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