5 Great Sites To Download Wallpapers

Everyone likes to choose a great wallpaper for his/her desktop background. People keep searching the internet for best wallpapers in order to download those amazing wallpapers and make them their desktop background. Today we are going to Tell you about 5 great sites from where you can download wallpapers.

1. VladStudio

Although this site features the work of a Russian artist named Vlad Gerasimov but believe me guys this site is really awesome. This site offers you wallpaper in every size you want and this site can let you download all the wallpapers for free. This site has a wide range of wallpapers from Mobile wallpapers to Multiple Monitor Wallpapers.

2. 4Chan Wallpapers

4Chan Wallpapers is an ultimate image forum site where anybody can upload and share wallpapers anonymously and this thing allows you to get a wide range of wallpapers. This site has got a further category which includes Anime, video games etc.You can download all the wallpapers from this site for free.

3. Social Wallpapering

Social Wallpapering is an amazing and a dazzling site which offers its users to vote the wallpaper and when you searched top rated you get the list of wallpapers that have got the maximum likes. This feature really makes your work easy to find the best wallpapers!

4. Interfacelift

Interfacelift has got a button search layout which enable its user to search and get the results more accurately.The site is really amazing and dazzling. Once you select the type of monitor you want you can easily get the results which will be accurate.

5. DeviantART Wallpaper

DeviantART Wallpaper has got really good wallpapers especially in the abstract category. You can get every type of wallpaper you want from DeviantART Wallpaper. It is a magnanimous site. You will never be bored on this site, it keeps you entertained.

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  1. Thanks, never knew about the any of them instead of DeviantART…

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  3. well written & useful article.

  4. Navjot Singh says:

    Nice post arjun !! 🙂

  5. Anubhab says:

    Great list bro..I also have one for you its called am in love with it since my childhood. But its mostly tilted towards tux and mascots of linux. Linux users will surely love it a lot. Enjoy

  6. josh says:

    Thanks for the article. interfacelift is great (also for icons and other stuff), but this is my favorite wallpaper site:

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