5 Great Alternatives To Paypal

Paypal is one of the best way to transfer money online. But quite frequently people face issues with paypal payments and even I had face some issues while transferring money using paypal. So today we are going to tell you about 5 great alternatives to paypal.

Google has provided an online payment processing service a.k.a GOOGLE checkout. The users have an advantage of storing their information regarding mode of payment through credit or debit card and shipping. It provides protection against fraud and a single page for tracking purchases and their status. The advantage of information about the users history and credit or debit card details aren’t shared with the seller helps this application to fascinate the users. The program also attracts people to donate online.The pricing details can be found here.
It is an authorized online retailer which helps to prevent any fraud caused by any party when the mode of payment is chosen credit card. It has shopping-cart software which usesthe fasmous  secure mode of SSL to put in code of sensitive data such as credit card number. It is beneficiary for almost every major credit card like MasterCard, American Express etc. It also supports all BBBOnLine Reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards.
It allows the customers to make the payment and money transfer through internet. It is just an electronic device that allows facility of cheques and money orders. It also helps in online auction ofy websites. It prevents from fraud and money laundering by investigating the customer about the identity verification before using their service. Also, Moneybookers avoid arising merchandise controversies and also limiting the availability of credit card chargebacks.


It is the most of the famous application after ‘Paypal’ for online payment and receipt online. It is line an online bank which doesn’t promises of the legitimate transaction. The withdrawal of money are in many ways like Bank Transfer, e-gold,etc. It is with SSL encryption to protect the user against fraud with their main aim “Lowest risk, higher return”. Any Bank holder or credit card holder can use this application to send money, pay and receive money.
“Money transfer, payment and receipt by mobile.” Amazed? Shocked? Well I am serious. It helps the exchange of money between mobile phones. Obopay provides ways in 3 ways:- via Mobiles, via Obopay application and via Intrnet browser. It also provide services like tracking of old purchases, checking the balance and much more just in your hands i.e. through Smartphones. It accepts MasterCard, Visa and IBank.OboPay has also tied up with many Indian banks and mobile companies such as Loop Mobile and Tata Indicom to make this service more smooth and much more hassle-free.

Other than the above mentioned alternates, there are many more such alternatives like Directpay or LibertyPay.

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  1. Arjun Singh says:

    U missed the which i guess is the best choice for Indians.. 🙂

    and i think u shld have used this title “5 Great Alternatives TO paypal… ”

    bt in the nutshell i must say that post was enlightening.. 😉

  2. Sarthak says:

    Thanks buddy !!

    btw r u talking about

  3. Web Hosting says:

    Now then Paypal in India has so many problem, I was just looking for a better alternative. There are no other payment processor which can match PayPal, yes we have alternative but not good enough.

  4. Alex Papa says:

    Great article Sarthak, It is good to know all these alternatives to PayPal exist. PayPal may shut down your account at anytime if you don’t comply with their rules. Sometimes, they can close your account without giving you a reason. It is good to know there are alternatives!

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