5 Amazing iPad Tips and Tricks

You must have seen in movies or read somewhere about the various secret tunnels and rooms which existed in the ancient castles and its occupants oblivious to them. In our modern era also there are castles, but thanks to nanotechnology, they are much smaller in size but much more complicated. I am talking about the castles of latest gadgets. You must be wondering how a castle can be compared to gadgets. Let me explain to you then, take for example, the latest product from apple ‘ipad’. It’s a very user friendly product, easy to operate, but there are many tricks which are not known to the user (referring to secret tunnels of castle). And today I am going to tell you some of the tricks which might be very useful to you:

iPad Tips and Tricks

1. Instantly go to the top

There are many pages which are long enough for you to scroll back. So, there is a very simple way to go to the top, just tap the status bar, and you are at the top of the page.

2. Instant mute

This is a very useful trick as it is normally used urgently, and doing it by its traditional way of lowering the volume click-after-click , may take some time, which is very irritating at many times. So, a much better way would be to hold the volume down button and it would take 2 seconds to mute.

3. Screen Shots

Do you know you can take screen shots in your ipad too?  Don’t underestimate your ipad. It can do these things with ease. There is a simple way to do so, just press your power and home button simultaneously for about half a second, and you know what, your screen shot is stored in your photo library, as simple as that.

4. Enlarge your bottom tray

You must have seen that your ipad stores 4 apps in the bottom tray by default, but in your ipad you can increase this size to 6. Just tap at an icon and hold it, by doing so you unlock that icon’s position.  Then you can drag it to your bottom tray.

5. Undo/redo

So apple people believe that by shaking, you want to either redo or undo your typing. I m not joking, that’s right. If you shake your ipad upwards or downwards, you will see a pop up, to undo typing or redo typing.

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  1. Nice Tricks out here !! hope i’ll have Ipad soon 😛

  2. BEA says:

    Is there any way to change the settings on the “undo” button on the keyboard? It would be nice if it required a double tap–so I wouldn’t occasionally hit it in error. It’s a good button to have except when it is too sensitive!

  3. cyberbob says:

    Nice tips by author but for this i have to buy Iphone….for check all these….i hope i will get it soon …lolz

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