4 Must Have iPad Apps For Kids

Halloween isn’t even here yet but American toy makers have already released their predictions for the hottest gifts to give children this holiday season—and no, traditional toys like Barbie and miniature fire trucks didn’t make the cut. Toys makers expects iPad apps designed for children to dominate the sales numbers this year. Granted, your child needs to own an iPad first—or at least have access to yours (the parent’s). But before you cast apps as merely a stocking stuffer idea, these apps don’t come cheap. Some cost as much as a $100. That said, they’re fit to replace any tangible gift. To check out some of the apps that made the list, continue reading below.

ipad apps for kids

1. Crayola ColorStudio HD : Sure, buying a box of crayons and a coloring book would be oh-so-much cheaper, but not only will this app create long-lasting hours of entertainment for your child, but it’s also a more environment-friendly approach. What you’re really paying for is the iMarker, a stylus wand that acts like a pen, pencil, marker, paint brush, or crayon when your child uses it to fill in the pages of colorless scenes that comes free with the studio app. The app, which is designed for ages 3 and up, is constantly being updated with new coloring pages so your child can have new images to work with. You can even printout finished pages and hang them on the refrigerator if you wish. Cost: $29.99

2. Disney-Pixar Cars 2 AppMates : This app, which is also designed for children ages 3 and up, is a virtual race car track based on the hit motion picture. Complete with sound effects, what it does is lets children play using real-life race cars on the virtual track. Cost: $12.99

3. Helo Touch Controlled Helicopter : Instead of using a traditional external remote to maneuver and fly the small device, your iPad works as the controller. All you need to do is download the free app and your child can have the device up in the air in no time.Cost: $49.99

4. iCade Arcade Cabinet. While there are plenty of apps that allow you to download classic arcade games on to your iPad like Asteroids and Centipede, none of them give you the legitimate feel of the traditional arcade experience like this app. It comes equip with a controller that comes in the shape of a mini desktop arcade that you place on to top of your iPad. Once in place, your child can play arcade games using a joystick and traditional buttons. Cost: $99.99

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