4 Companies To Buy Dedicated Gaming Servers

Game servers or game service providers (GSPs) are remotely controlled servers and portals for playing games, which are used for playing multiplayer video games over a single portal. Let us look here about four common and well established game servers available in the market:

dedicated game servers

1. Game Servers

The services offered by this company though restricted to New York and New Jersey only, they come in three differing ranges – silver gamer, gold gamer and pro gamer. They have dedicated server options, with most of the service binaries being free. Some of the popular games that you can buy will include Call of Duty, Left 4 dead, much more longer list than you could think of and all your favorite games. All their services come with free website offer, all year round technical support and 50 % off on voice server.

2. Hypernia Global Hosting Company

These dedicated servers hosting a number of multiplayer mode games including some of the games like Call of Duty, until the latest version, Deer Hunter and Age Chivalry. This is the company which was used by ID software to build an entirely global game, Quake wars, which was the first of this kind of online game available to play free. Some of the attractive features of this company will include their monthly contracts, free 20 slot voice servers, free basic web hosting, TCAdmin control panel, you can set up the entire system within 6 hours and no set up fee.

3. Server Beach

Server Beach are dedicated high performance servers that delivers pure gaming performance using a hardcore hardware system, low latency network, management tools and much more. Their services come in three ranges – Value Servers, Power Servers and Enterprise servers. In addition, some of the other included features will include choosing your data center, all year round customer service, PEER 1 Super Network, 100% Network Uptime SLA and personal account manager.

4. Nuclear Fall Out Servers

These guys are branded to be known for providing premium services at an incredibly lower price with an unmatched service and support and a top notch control panel with automated systems. They do not charge you a single penny for setting up the system other than the minimal rental fee that you pay. You are also offered two day trial offers to test how well this works for you. They require a minimum bandwidth connection of 100Mbps to offer their premium service in 9 differing countries.

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