3 Security Tips to Get the Best from Your Wireless Home Network

A lot of us now use wireless technology to connect to the internet from our homes and offices and with the world and technology improving and wireless technology becoming a force to be reckoned with there will be even more reasons for us to start using wireless soon. One major problem of the wireless technology, though, is the security. Wireless technology can be highly effective and stable but it is also known to be one of the most vulnerable types of connection so you should make sure you do the best to secure your wireless network before it is taken down by a hacker.


1. Limit or Disable Broadcasts

SSID broadcasts or service set identification broadcast is the technology a wireless network uses to send its signal across to other wireless devices in the territory. Without the service broadcasting it will be impossible for another wireless device to discover the wireless network let alone connecting to it.

Many of us only use our wireless network in our homes but we do make the mistake of making the network public; doing this will only make it easier for hackers and stray computers to discover the network thereby making it easy for your network (and the whole computers on it) to be hacked. You can protect your wireless network by limiting the SSID broadcast to your home only or by completely disabling it so that anyone interested in connecting through your network will have to come to you for your network name and ID personally.

2. Use Strong Passwords and Encryption Keys

The next step to take to ensure the security of your wireless home network is to use solid and highly unbreakable passwords and encryption keys. While you’re doing this you should also know that hackers are now more sophisticated and they now have a technology that will run all the words in a dictionary against a network in order to crack the password so you should ensure the passwords and security keys you use are something completely random (mostly containing symbols and alphanumeric characters) and cannot be easily hacked.

3. Use a Firewall

The next most effective and mostly ignored technique for securing your wireless network is using a firewall. Doing this will prevent just any computer or device from connecting to your network and you will have to manually approve of any wireless device before it can access your network – what this means is that you will get more security and you will be able to scrutinize any device connecting to your network thereby reducing the potential of being hacked.

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  2. Anubhab says:

    Its also very essential to change the default admin pass for your router. Most of the new users forgets about it and falls prey to hackers…

  3. Umer says:

    Using Strong Passwords may sometimes bring more security at least from new hackers

  4. Don’t have wireless now but when I going to install in my home I will surly remember them..

  5. Web Hosting says:

    Sometimes my Wireless network adapter suddenly goes down, the reason for which I have never understood till now.

  6. Most individuals have wireless networks at home. It is therefore very important that these are protected from security threats. These security tips you have shared will surely benefit a lot if wireless network users. Thanks for sharing a very helpful article.

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