3 Most Common Mistakes that Every Newbie Blogger Do

According to James A. Froude, “Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes.” Everyone makes mistakes, some learn from their mistakes and don’t repeat them while some other never learn from their mistakes. Blogging has established itself as a profession and thousands of young bloggers are getting attracted to it every year. If you will Google the term ‘How to start money blogging’ you may see thousands of tutorials over it, Newbie bloggers think blogging is a very easy methodology over internet to earn quick money. It’s true but up to a certain extent, anyway here I am revealing the 3 most common mistakes that spoils the newbie’s blogging career.

Blogging-MistakesMeta Keywords is enough for SEO

In the early days, Meta Tags were the one the easiest way of optimizing a blog for search engines. Just do a keyword research and add your keywords in Meta Description and Meta Keywords and it’s done. Unfortunately, this strategy is no longer useful. Search Engines like Google is no longer giving any importance to the Meta Keywords tag while they still count Meta Description but it should be related to the page content. Meta Description is just one signal out of 200 signals that Google uses to rank a particular page.So Add Meta Description but keep it short and subjected to your page, Always avoid just adding your keywords in the Meta Description separated by commas.

Writing for Mass Appeal

Creating Content for a broad audience is a tactic that works well for a TV show but it often gets failed for a blog. If you are writing for a mass market definitely your voice will be drowned in the white noise. Always try to write for a specific person with a specific problem, and make it personal, it’s the only trusted way you can grab huge attention. 

Often shifting from Topic to Topic

Turning irregularly, from topic to topic is the most generic mistake newbie blogger always does. They try to cover several topics without a lot of depth; by this way they turn their voice into a white noise that masks their blog’s voice. As a newbie blogger you should always try to cover very few topics of your expertise with great depth. By doing so, you can grab the attention of the right people. For an instance, if you are an amateur blogger and just started your blogging career, don’t dream to go a mile wide and a mile deep by covering topics of expertise like Search Engine Optimization, Building Link wheel etc.

As a newbie blogger you always should try to first expertise on generic topics and write articles on those with a great depth. Make your own USP; yes, you heard right I said USP (Unique Selling Proposition) because as a blogger you are going to sell your expertise that’s why you need to develop your own USP.  Take care of these three basic insights and you can go an inch wide and a mile deep with your Blogging USP.

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  1. Salman Ahmad says:

    Meta Keywords is a mistake I’m doing from a long time, Gonna get rid of it.
    Thanks for sharing btw,

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