3 Free Android Apps That Offer Heavy Customization

One of the top selling points of Google’s Android mobile OS is the ability to heavily customize your phone. While this is a great concept, often it only amounts to choosing what icons are on which screen. Here are three free apps on the Android Market that provide more in depth customization such as adding home screen widgets, changing sounds, adding a special lock screen and even an overhauled text messaging system.

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MortPlayer by

There are dozens of music players on the Android Market, but MortPlayer by is one of the most feature packed. The app includes a replacement lock screen that gives you access to all your music controls without having to unlock your phone. MortPlayer plays every popular music file including MP3 and WMA. It also offers a large amount of customization. The app features widgets and powerful user options like gesture control and custom album art.

Handcent SMS by Handcent_Admin

Handcent SMS by Handcent_Admin is an Android application that handles one of the most essential phone tasks, text messaging. Handcent SMS handles your text and picture messages and puts them into a threaded interface that is extremely clean and easy to read. In addition to the improved interface, Handcent SMS also features a much deeper customizable notification tone system. The app also allows for user created themes and font packs, so there is always something new to see in the customization menu. Handcent allows you to choose the sound your phone makes when it receives a message, whether or not to blink the notification light (if applicable) and what color and whether or not to flash the screen on and off.

Ringdroid by The Ringdroid Team

Ringdroid by the Rindroid Team is an Android application used to create and set your own custom sounds as a ring or notification tone. What sets Ringdroid apart from the rest of the ringtone app heap is its extremely powerful editing tools. Ringdroid allows you to take any audio file stored on your SD card regardless of length or type, and cut out the exact portion you wish to use. The editing interface features two sliding bars, one for the start of the ringtone you wish to create, and one for where you wish the sound end.

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    Nice post for a android lover :). Downloaded 2 of them..Hope to see such posts again…

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    In most of the android devices messaging is in thread mode only I think..

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