3 Best Ways to Increase Google Search CTR

Unarguably, higher rankings on Google search results lead to increase in the probability of having a page clicked by the user. That’s why every folk seem to be hungry for higher ranking. The problem is even if you are ranking on the first page but not on the top position, user either tends to click the first result or the results that appears attractive to him. There are lots of tricks and tips hat could be found online which help you in increasing the Click through rate from Google Search Engine but here I am sharing the best 3 methodologies that will definitely boost your page’s CTR on Google Search – all based on my personal experience.

increase ctr on google search

Write Fascinating & Descriptive Title and Description

When it comes to on-page SEO tactics, majority of SEO expert recommends writing a fascinating and descriptive title and description.  Both, shown to searchers when they input their search terms in Google. It’s always a good practice to assign unique title and description (meta) to every single page of your website. Keep it small, and subjective to your page contents. Use these to describe what your page is all about not to advertise your page.

Use Rich Snippets Feature

The majority of search engines believes that if more information is provided in the search results the easier it gets for the user to find what he/she is looking for. The Rich Snippets contain more data than the regular snippets – they include information like Star Ratings, Google Authorship, Loation, Dates, Google +1 etc.  Since the results with rich snippets looks more attractive than the other results, there is a high probability that the user would click on the result with extra information like star ratings in case he/she is looking for a review of a particular product. You can add Rich Snippets to your website by using microdata, microformats and RDFa. You can learn more about microdata at the schema.

Optimize your Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb is the other factor that can help you to optimize your page’s CTR. Generally a breadcrumb is a navigation add that allows users to keep track of their locations within the website by showing them the full navigation path. It’s also useful when  someone wants to land on a particular section of your website. The Search Engines also give importance to bread crumbs and shows it with your page listings along with the title, description and rich snippets. Search Engines can understand your breadcrumb either by algorithmically or by adding it through microdata. You can optimize it by several ways depending upon your site’s niche.

On the screenshot attached above you can easily see how above these three factors can dramatically change your website’s search result look and increase Click Through Rate by attracting searchers. You should implement your own strategy for rich snippets instead of just copying others. Also, If you are going to apply for Google authorship make sure you are using a subjective author image instead of avatars.

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