15 Great Online Shopping Sites

These days people prefer to shop online rather than visiting the shopping malls in their locality. There are thousands of online shopping sites in the world on internet. Today we will tell you about 15 great online shopping sites which are trusted sites and you will also get best deals at these sites.

1. Amazon:


Amazon is world’s largest online shopping store. The store deals in DVD’s, CD’s and MP3 music. It has now entered into electronics, software, video games and furniture arena. The company maintains separate sites for different areas of world.

2. Ebay:


Ebay is an American internet company is also a popular auctioning and shopping website. The company deals in collectibles, electronics, furnishings, equipments and vehicles. Many popular companies like IBM uses company’s auctioning services and sell their services and products on Internet. It is one of the most famous online shopping site.

3. Walmart:


This site is similar to The site deals in apparels, designer clothes, jewellery, baby items and many more items.

4. Best Buy:

best buy

This is world’s largest online shopping site that is focused on electronic items and devices. Th site provides reviews and comparisons on electronic items like Televisions, Camera, Mobiles etc.

5.Β  Target:


This US based site is the second largest retailer discount site in the US. The company has several discount stores in several cities of US which deals in products ranging from mobiles phones to groceries.

6. NetFlix:


NetFlix is world’s largest online movie rental site. Site also offers unlimited movies and tv shows over internet for a low monthly price.

7. IKEA:


The site is world’s largest furniture and household selling site.

8. Macy’s:


This is a popular site that deals in clothings and accessories that ranges from mid level to high level.

9. New Egg:

new egg

This is one of the popular site to buy computer and other electronics.

10. Sears:


This is another online shopping website that deals in appliances, fitness equipments and other tools.

11. JCPenney:


This is popular website that deals in Jewellery, women’s clothing,house wares and much more.

12. Costco:


It is the largest membership warehouse club chain in US. It is the largest retailer of fine wines in the world. The company mainly deals in private brands and label products.

13. GameStop:


This is a great stop for gamers and alike. The website deals in video games for PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii and much more.



A great shopping site that deals in computers, laptops, books, dvds, video games, software and much more.

15. Barnes & Noble:

barnes and noble

This is the largest book retailer in United States. The company deals in magazines, newspapers, DVD’s and music.

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  1. cyberbob says:

    I think ebays is one of the best website which is used all over the world for online shopping other one might also be …good

  2. Arjun Singh says:

    U missed the biggest hit :

    Bt still an amazing post.. πŸ˜€

  3. These sites look like they’ve been a while, but chances are, not everyone has heard of them. I only stumbled on them when I was doing research on online shopping. Lots of banks and credit card companies are getting into the reward game too, as mentioned.

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  6. Ayush Gupta says:

    I prefer eBay only.

  7. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I always suggest Amazon to my users because it delivers best products at low price.

  8. Malti says:

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  13. John Mills says:

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