15 Great Jokes Websites to Make You Laugh

Jokes are really a great pastime for everyone. Today we would tell you about 15 great jokes websites which will definitely make you laugh. So here are the best jokes websites :



This joke site offers you a best selection of jokes across various categories. It is one of my personal favorite jokes website.

2. Jokes Gallery:

jokes gallery

It offers a large repository of jokes across categories like marriage, religion, politics etc. Don’t forget check out the funny images and cards section on the website.

3. The-Jokes:

the jokes

It offers Jokes across various categories like medicine, drinking, religion etc. Site also has a feature where it displays the best joke of the month and best joke of the week so that you get to know which joke is really funny.

4. Just Joking:

just joking

Just joking is really a great joke website. It contains jokes across various categories related to marriage, animal, political, gender related topics and much more.

5. Profession Jokes:

profession jokes

If you are are looking for profession related jokes then this is the best site for you. It offers Spoofs and jokes that are made on professionals like mathematicians, doctors, lawyers etc.


jokes and humor

It offers Funny jokes on various categories such as occupational jokes, animal jokes etc. Site also offers one liners and riddles.

7. Jokes Galore:

jokes galore

Site claims to have world’s largest repository of jokes across categories like sex, blondes, doctors etc.



If you are looking for really Funny jokes and animations of comics then this is the best site for you.

9. Lots of Jokes:

lots of jokes

As the name suggests this site really have lots of jokes. It is a large repository of jokes on various categories. Site also offers funny videos and images.

10. SmileZilla:


The Funniest place on web as said by the company. Site also offers short funny stories.

11. Yahooligans! Jokes:

yahoo ligans

It is a kid portal also known as yahoo kids. It offers Funny jokes and other stuffs for little ones.

12. Aha Jokes :

aha jokes

Aha jokes offers various Computer jokes and funny stuff related to technology.

13. 101funjokes :

101 fun jokes

The site has jokes over various categories like blondes, girls, animals, political, food and much more. Also check the funny cartoon animations and images present on the website.

14. Funtoosh :


Funtoosh has great collection of jokes across various categories. It also offers sms jokes, visual jokes and much more. It is really a great humor and fun portal.

15. SantaBanta :

santa banta

Santa Banta is another popular joke website.  Site also offers various funny cartoon spoofs of latest celebrity news.

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  2. Didn’t know any of then except last one (SantaBanta).. Going add them in my list..

  3. Cherry says:

    This was a very helpful page. I think jokes are a great way to make people laugh and it’s great that there are so many websites dedicated to that.

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