15 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the best platform to make your website or blog. But while choosing a theme for your wordpress blog you often get confused. There are thousands of themes available for wordpress which are both free and paid. Today I will tell you about 15 excellent free wordpress themes. Following are some of the best wordpress themes which are available for free.

1. Frezhnyer : This two column theme provides a clean interface for your website. The theme is social media ready along with a RSS Feed button. Moreover you can have multiple JavaScript and Jquery widgets into the theme itself. This theme is tested across all major web browsers and is compatible with older versions of WordPress.

2. Dream Sky : This is another business oriented and marketing theme. The features include Google Adsense, AJAX widgets and forms, Content sliders and many more. The theme is also social media ready.

3. SoulVision: This theme is best suited for blogs and publishing websites. The features include an RSS Feed button along with the listing of earlier posts in the form of ordered and unordered lists.

4. Recipy: Recipy is best suited for cutlery blogs and websites. The theme has some nice combination of colors which are very soothing to eyes. The paper table looks gives a nice presentation to the webpage.

5. SimpleFolio: This professional looking theme can be used for a portfolio and designer website. The features include W3C compliant CSS and HTML, two-column layout, widget support and multiple browser capability.

6. Maparaan : The theme features Content Gallery, Multiple Color Schemes, featuring of popular posts and social media gateways. Now spread your articles and posts via Social Bookmarking feature.

7. Decayed 1.0 : This is another beautiful theme for your blog. It features search box, archive list, RSS Feeds, XFN and valid CSS and xHTML that complies to W3C standards.

8. Conceditor WP Platinum: The theme is suitable for those business establishments who want to segregate their pages according to some departments. The theme features JavaScript widgets, cross browser compatibility, but IE users may experience some problems with its viewing.

9. Tribune Magazine: This theme is best suited for magazine or news blogs. Theme is set in black and white layout and has some of the other features like Content Sliders, Cross Browser compatibility, Admin panel and collapsible column.

10. Brave Zeenat: The theme is suitable for personal website or blog. The theme is extensively used by designers and photographers to showcase their talent. The theme is Widget ready and social media ready. It is cross browser compatible also.

11. Imobile: The theme is suitable for mobile phone review site. Some of its features include options page, Thumbnails, Featured posts and videos and much more features.

12. Calypso : The theme features a JavaScript slider , RSS button and social media ready buttons.

13. Atlantis: Another beautiful theme that is best suited for news sites and blogs. The theme has a JavaScript slider along with Twitter updates, Gallery photos and much more.

14. Epione: This is another gorgeous theme which means “soothing to a pain”. The theme features a home page with slider, Multilevel Dropdown Menu, Gravatar Support and Social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.

15. Bayer: This simple and bold theme has subtle colors which make several attractive combination. It is widget ready along with spaces for advertisements as well. It is easy to customize and is compatible across all major browsers.

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  1. frank says:

    What a list!
    What a delight!
    What a pleasure!
    A real demonstration how joyful and useful altruism can be

  2. pythonskynet says:

    Which version of thesis theme you are using?

    I am using thesis 1.8 to my blog. (downloaded free!)

  3. SitePunk says:

    Hello Akshay. That’s an awesome collection. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

  4. ashish says:

    I think you have missed out Swift theme.!!

  5. Fayaz Ahmad says:

    Thanks for sharing this list of themes . Have you any theme that enables to create a video hosting site like youtube ?
    Please share that to me

  6. Ankit says:

    Simple folio is quite cool. I may use it my next big project 🙂
    Guess what? 😛

  7. TechGopal says:

    hmm nice theme collection…
    i like recipy theme most……

  8. These are really great themes. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Amrish Singh says:

    I these all theme Imobile is the best to use on the blog .
    Thanks For sharing this great list of nice themes

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