15 Best Online Photo Editors

Not everyone has desktop image editors installed on their systems. Even if you have desktop image editor installed on your system, you maybe away from your system and want to do some urgent photo editing. Browser based image editors or the online photo editors are ideal solution in such situations. Online Photo Editors offer balanced set of powerful tools and installation free use. Here are 15 Best Online Photo Editors :

1. Adobe Photoshop Express :

adobe photo shop express

This is a Flash based image editing app from Adobe Systems. The features offered by this editor are:
a. Social networking ready
b. 3D online galleries
c. Touch up tool
d. Layering and rendering of images
e. A complete replacement of Photoshop
f. Flexible Layout options

2. Flauntr :


The features for this light weight image editor are:
a. Massive collection of photo effects to choose from
b. Built on Flash driven Interface
c. Not suited for complex editing but most of the editing can be done by it
d. Social Networking ready
e. Registration required

3. :


This website allows you to edit your photos online. The features of this website are:
a. Quick and Easy saving options to multiple formats
b. Easy to use interface
c. Number of effects
d. Download the photos if are satisfied with the editing

4. Picnik :


This is another app for image editing offers the following features:
a. Mainly used for photography
b. Great for touch ups and basic edits
c. Flash based Interface
d. Social networking ready
e. Multiple Browser support

5. Aviary:

This is another popular online image editor. Its features are:
a. Flash based interface
b. Image Editor, Visual and Vector Graphics Editor and Palette Editor
c. Excellent Forum support
d. No software or plugins to install

6. Splashup :


This is similar to Photoshop. It has the following features:
a. Flash based interface
b. Layering and rendering
c. Invisible brushes
d. Limited Fonts
e. Free transform tool

7. FotoFlexer :


This comprehensible editor has the following features:
a. Low bandwidth-consumptive interface
b. Easy to use and simple tools
c. Advanced filters and editing features
d. A vast array of embellishments, fonts and effects
e. Social networking ready

8. Pixlr :


This editor is quite similar to splashup and has the following features:
a. Layering and rendering
b. Fully customizable user interface
c. Navigation-free drop-down menus
d. Intuitive design and paint features
e. Extensive editing features

9. Snipshot :

The features of this image editor are:
a. Image upload of 25 MB allowed
b. Multiple format export
c. 100% browser support and no plugins required
d. Image Cropping and Rotating
e. Web shots accounts
f. RAW file editing

10. Sumo Paint 2.0 :

This interactive image editor has the following features:
a. Number of handy tools that help in editing and creating images
b. Integrated Smudge tool to modify the background and lighting
c. Zoom tool
d. Line and Curve tools
e. Cool Iris 3D gallery

11. ImproveYourImages :

improve your images

The features are:
a. Simple and easy to use tool for minor fixes
b. Contrasting and hue features

12. OIE – Online Image Editor :

online image editor

The features of this browser based tool are:
a. 100% browser based tool
b. Contains example scripts in PHP, JavaScript, ASP, JSP etc.
c. Simple and Easy-to-use interface
d. Drag and Drop Support
e. Large number of effects to choose from

13. Creating Online :

creating online

The features are:
a. 100% browser based
b. Drag-n-Drop interface
c. Mistake proof
d. Optimization

14. Phixir :


The features are:
a. Photos can be uploaded either from PC or from URL’s
b. Crop, Resize, Zoom and Rotate
c. Brightness, Contrast, Hue and negate colors etc.
d. Mix preset patterns into photos
e. Multiple format photo export

15. Lunapic :


The features of this image editor are:
a. Up to 4MB image upload is allowed
b. Easy image Blending
c. Groovy Rainbow Animation
d. Video Editing
e. Customizable animation effects
f. Social Networking ready

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