15 Best Extensions For Opera Users

There has been a great war between various browsers for the domination of the web. There are a number of web browsers in the market that aim at making your web experience truly memorable and easy. Out of the many web browsers that are available today, Opera is one of the top browsers. You can check out best web browsers in the world. I like this browser mainly because it is light weight and doesn’t consume much memory. Opera even has a lighter version for mobile users called as Opera Mini and it is quite famous among mobile browsers.

So a lot has been talked and described about the Opera web browser. Another great functionality which enhances its utility is its support for many extensions which improves the functionality of the web browser. Today I will be discussing with you some of the best extensions that are available for Opera Users and are specially handpicked by me. So here are 15 best opera extensions :

1. Fastest Tube: This extension allows you to download YouTube videos and other multimedia content from various media streaming websites. This addon is capable of downloading the videos in the FLV or MP4 format. The HD version of the YouTube videos can only be downloaded in the MP4 format.

2. BugMeNot: This is another interesting addon which you can use with your opera web browser. This extension allows you to overcome those annoying website which needs a registration when you first visit them or when you just want to see some content like in case of forums. This addon will automatically provide you free login details when you press the Bug Me Not button on encountering a webpage that forces you to register.

3. Google Images Direct: Being in the profession of blogging for some time now I constantly need new pictures and other images which I can use in my blog posts. I found this extension really helpful where my query was sent to the Google images and the resultant images are displayed on my browser directly.

4. Edit the Page: This is another extension that will transform your Opera web browser into a mini web editor. You can add your own notes, images, text, videos and even copy some elements from the page. Just click on the small icon that will appear on the upper right corner to turn it on and get started. Please note that the changes that you are making are done locally and no changes are being reflected on the original website.

5. NoAds: It is another useful utility that is quite handy at times when we have to face a lot of popups on a site. This is a NoScript + AdBlock extension that will block only those ads or popups which are scripted from other domains. One of the great features that have been added into this extension is the multilingual support.

6. Facechat: This extension is for those 800 million users who are the members of the world’s largest social network, Facebook. This is an easy to use extension for the Facebook Chat that has been integrated seamlessly in the web browser. Simply login and start the conversation without opening Facebook in the browser window.

7. Mini Wikipedia: This extension is for the information geek like me who need to refer to Wikipedia for almost everything. A mini popup window will appear in the right hand side where you can type in your query and search in more than 46 languages.

8. Super Mario Crossover: This is one of the best legendary game that has been introduced as an extension for Opera Users. So if you have not played this game till now, don’t worry simply download and install this extension and enjoy.

9. News Portal: This is one of my personal favorite extension which is available for opera users. This extension keeps me updated about the latest news in the world of sports, politics, economy and technology. This extension is capable of providing us with the live feeds from your favorite websites. All the news feeds are facilitated from the Opera Portal which offers a convenient location to keep track of all the news and blogs in which you might be interested.

10. Photo Tagger: This is a simple image tagging extension which you can use to tag your images in the website. All the tags are saved in a gallery which appears in the speed dial. You can also work with the images with this addon.

11. Stocktwits: This is a stock trading extension for the Opera Users. It is fast, easy to use and will provide you real time stock updates with social impact. Discover the trending stocks along with the reviews and messages from some of the stock brokers and investors.

12. Translator: It is a translator extension that allows you to see a part of the webpage or the entire page in the language of your choice. This addon uses the Google Translate, Bing Translator and Promt Translator optionally. It also supports the text to speech conversion.

13. Swiss Knife: This is an all in one extension that features automatic re-directions, opening various documents in different formats; downloading YouTube videos and much more. This extension allows you to view the files online in the Google Docs or in ZOHO viewer. There are many other features which are planned to be added to this extension.

14. Source: This extension is best suited for the web developers. This extension features the syntax highlighting with complete DOM support, Custom themes for syntax highlighting, text wrapping, content editing, support for JavaScript and much more.

15. Go to IMDb: This extension is for the movie buffs who want to know more about the movies and their ratings. This extension gets the IMDb rating for the movie or opens the movie page for the highlighted text. So if you love watching movies and checking out their rating and reviews on IMDb then this is really a great extension for you.

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