10 Best Photo Editing Software

There are many photo editing software available in the market but choosing one is very difficult. So here is the list of some best photo editing software. These are just some of the best photo editing software available today. If you know more such good photo editing software feel free to add them to the list by commenting below.

1. Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the most popular photo editing software. Its features are:

a. Easy To Use Interface
b. Excellent Sharing and Importing Facilities
c. All types of editing can be done on image
d. Images can be shared and distributed easily
e. Excellent organization and documentation

2. Corel Paint Shop Photo X3

corel paint shop

This is also a popular photo editor that offers the following features:

a. Wide Range Of Editing Allowed
b. Multiple Plug ins available to enhance software
c. Can be shared easily across many mediums
d. Organization is also good
e. Can be exported to PDF’s and other popular image formats

3. Serif Photo Plus

serif photo plus

This software offers the following features:

a. Easy to Use interface
b. Multiple Support options and plug ins
c. Many popular formats supported
d. Detailed Manuals and Tutorials included
e. Average Sharing capabilities

4. Xara Photo and Graphic Studio

xara photo and graphic studio

Turn your photos into masterpiece with this image editor. Some of its features:

a. Fast rendering and editing engine
b. Solid Object Modeling
c. Anti-Aliasing
d. A huge range of formats to work upon
e. Offers complete website creation solutions

5. ACDSee Photo Editor

acdsee photo editor

This tremendous presentation from ACD Systems has the following features:

a. Supports more than 50 file formats
b. Beautiful and interactive layouts
c. Scrapbooking feature to mark layouts for your photos
d. Paste and Place option to enable re usability of photos in overlapping projects
e. Excellent Support in the form of documentation and customer care

6. Ulead PhotoImpact X3

ulead photoimpact

This photo editor offers the following features:

a. Fast and Easy ExpressFix Mode
b. Video editing also available
c. Export photos to your camera, PC and laptop
d. Various effects can be added

7. Photo Explosion 4.0

photo explosion

This is an average editor having a whole lot of features such as:

a. Efficient capturing and an organization of photos
b. QuickFix Studio to add crop, straighten and add other editing features in one single click
c. Instantly share photos with your friends and family
d. Photo Montages
e. Create Slide shows

8. PhotoStudio 6

photo studio

This easy to use editor has the following features:

a. Advanced Editing
b. Reduces blemishes, wrinkles and other spots
c. De-Noise Technology to reduce noise
d. RAW Format support and 48 bit images
e. Powerful management of photos

9. PhotoImpression 6.5 Gold

photo impression

This photo editor offers the following features:

a. Fully customized interface
b. Multi photo editing
c. Better printing controls
d. Numerous cliparts

10. Photolightning 5.5

photo lightning

The editor has the following features:

a. Large preview area to fit on your computer screen
b. Auto Repeat options to add similar captions on your images
c. RedEye fixing
d. Add watermarks to your images
e. Creates thumbnail index page to easily access your images

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  1. anwar115 says:

    Where is GIMP ??

  2. Himanshu says:

    once you learn photoshop. nothing can beat that. will be try the some of above alternatives. great share

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