10 PC Games That You Must Play

Everyone love to play games in his/her free time. Some people are mad about games and are called as gamers or gaming freaks. Today we bring to you a list of 10 pc games that you must play. If you love to play pc games other than the ones mentioned below do share the names of those games which you consider to be a must place pc game by commenting below.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops: This is a historic first person shooting game that has taken everybody by its storm. Highly interactive graphics and fast paced shooting skills is all set to test your skills online with its multi-player support.


2. Crysis: This is another fabulous presentation from EA Games. It is a Sandbox shooter game with player controlling the super soldier. The high graphics card support is rather necessity than luxury for this game, which is the only lowdown.


3. Civilization V: This computer strategy game that comes in 5 flavors. The games is peppered with unique and carefully crafted quoted and locations, although most of them do not relate to the game itself. This game has an addictive game play that has made this game a runaway success amongst masses.


4. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm: This Fantasy Online Role Playing game is also popular amongst the gamer community. This game is the third in the installment of the World of Warcraft. The Blizzard entertainment improved on the user design, gears and made game playing a fun.


5. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit: This is the latest of the Need For Speed(NFS) series for Electronic Arts. The game has its roots from its earlier predecessor’s style of game play but has its own set of enhancements. The game is now based in Seacrest County with several hundred miles of open road.


6. Amnesia: The Dark Descent: This is the adventure horror action graphic game that is introduced from Frictional Games. Tha game is set in the year of 1839, where a young man from London, Daniel awakens from the dark halls of a Prussian Castle. All he remembers is his name and something is haunting him.


7. Fallout: New Vegas: This role playing video game is the latest offering of the Fallout Series by Obsidian Entertainment. The game has been implemented upon the foundations of its earlier predecessors. The game has been set in which a player plays the role of The Courier. A package containing the platinum poker chips has been ambushed by Benny and there is a long sequence of fights.


8. Mass Effect 3: This action RPG game is set in the background of burning earth and it is under the attack from the outer space. Machines have begun to terrify the human race. The Alliance Marine Commander Shepaerd is all set to save the earth from these invading civilizations from outer space.

9. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty: It is a military science fiction real time strategy game that is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is set in the 26th century in a distant part of Milky Way. The game has three species which are exiles from the earth.


10. Football Manager 2011: This Football management and simulation game from Sega. This game is just like any other football management game but the roles of the agents and contracts have been enhanced in their detailing and simulate the real world scenarios. Along with there are several tournaments along with press conferences.


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  2. Never played any of them want to play Call of Duty: Black Ops and Civilization V..
    hey! Akshay r u going to give me kya??? :p 😉

  3. Arjun Singh says:

    Although the post was nice bt it would be even more better if you would have added system requirements of each game.. 🙂

  4. === === popular today…

    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on…

  5. SpangoRango says:

    Wow, that really does make a lot of sense dude.

  6. Harshil says:

    One of the most famous FPS games in the world : Counter-strike is missing. =DD But still, … an awesome list 😀

  7. I am bore of playing GTA now i got few new to download, thanks for the list.

  8. Ricky says:

    Take WoW out of this list. The game is dated and gotten to the point of being past boredom. Instead put RiFt in that spot. And for those who say Rift is a WoW clone……Bite me….WoW is an EQ clone….Rift has taken all the best elements of a lot of MMO’s an polished them up and put them in one massive EPIC mmo. So yeah there are some WoW elements in the game…..their are also some from EQ2 WAR DAoC AION, and a few others. But they have done what no other has done before……Taken all of these elements and made them work.

  9. Ashley says:

    Is Mass Effect 3 even out yet *googles it* Release Date: Q4 2011.

    I played Mass Effect 1 for 10 minutes & alt + f4 in in disgust.

    The only 3 good games on this list are Crysis, Fallout New Vegas & Star Craft 2. In Crysis you can hack a game file with different attributes and you can pretty much turn your guy in a super hero, that is a lot of fun.

    The best game on this list is Fall Out New Vegas.

    Black OPs is more like watching a movie than a game, and multi player although I know is extremely popular, is something that doesnt interest me as I pawned all you noobs for years and gets boring.

  10. srtejhstjarya says:

    dins curse, transcendence, dwarf fortress

  11. From this i just heard about NFS thanks for telling others.Could you please tell from where can i get these games.

  12. Ayush Chand says:

    Thanks Akshay. Mafia 2 can be included in this list too!

  13. Magathi says:

    Thanks for giving! I love so much games

  14. cyberbob says:

    Nice collection but i think dirt 3,NFS shift 2,test drive unlimited are missing is list of best games collection

  15. Suhail says:

    Nice List Akshay but Dragon Age 2, Dirt 3, Crysis 2, Assassin Creed Brotherhood is missing from the list.

  16. gamer says:

    i hv plyd black ops,crysis 2,hp3…………bt um vry surprised that assasin’s creed brotherhood didnt gt a plce in ds list……..

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