10 Not So Famous, But Must Have Plugins of WordPress

No doubt that WordPress is the best CMS. If I would be given with a choice to choose a good CMS, I won’t even look after the other and definitely my decision would be WordPress only. Well, there’s not just one reason choosing it as my favorite, there are many, especially the plugins, which makes it more customizable and work efficient. I would like to share a list of top 10 best WordPress plugins that would surely not known to many bloggers, but are very good. Here’s a list –

Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress: Spam is something what every blogger is fed up of these days. This plugin identifies if the commentator is real person or not (a bot) and if finds him not, then it would show a conditional captcha that would need to be filed right. I came to know about this plugin via my friend and now using it myself too..believe me it works like a charm!

Custom Login Page: Custom Login page is something that I myself find missing in every multi-author blog. I believe if they seriously wants to make a brand, then at least they should treat their members properly with a good looking custom login page. This plugin would give them a good support for sure.

WordPress login page

GoCodes: Well, being honest if you rely on affiliate marketing to some bucks from your blog, then original affiliate links look quite bad and long too, and I’m sure no one would like to click it or something. GoCodes helps to make the links short and moreover you’ll get an access to track the links too!

Maintenance Mode: How many of you edit your blog without showing a maintenance message? Mostly everyone does! I am right nah? Well, seriously it looks bad and gives a bad impression to your user/readers too showing annoying messages. You could imagine yourself how does it feel if you wants to check Google and it’s showing a f*cky error message. This is one of the must have plugin.

Login LockDown: Again a plugin, which I find missing in most of the multi-authored blogs. Well, believe me or not it’s too on the must have plugins as it could help your blog in being safe by brute force login attacks and even some spammers. Go  get it now!

No Self Pings: It makes bad impression on your readers showing your links here, there and everywhere, especially comments, where they like to drop down their feelings about the posts. It’s not too good for SEO too showing the links above comments like trackbacks, which you interlink while writing the posts. Enable it and feel the difference.

Style Box: Presentation plays an important role than the content, though content is the king, but everything depends upon how you present them. Install this plugin and style your post headings, add some colors to the post and see. 🙂

Style Box

Thumbnail For Excerpts: It good to show your readers just the excerpt of the post your have written to make them click the post and increase your page impression. This plugin adds a cool good-looking excerpts with an image thumbnail to the home page.

Thumbails n Excerpts

WP-PageNavi: Make your readers love to change between the pages of your site (this is good for you as your page impressions will increase) by making your navigation to switch between pages and posts easy. This plugin has a lot of choices to do so.

Google XML Sitemaps: Again a plugin missed by most of bloggers. Site Maps play an important role in SEO and moreover it will help to create a list of whatever you have on your blog. Go get it.


I hope I didn’t miss any of the plugin that’s more useful than of these. Did I? Drop it down. I’ll add it too! 🙂

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  1. Hey Ankit

    I think the title must be “10 Famous and Must Have Plugins For WordPress Users”

    I’m saying this because all these plugins are really famous among WordPress users. I have heard about these plugins many time.

    • Ankit says:

      Well, I agree with your bro. These plugs are quite famous among the pro bloggers, but not among the newbies..That’s why I used this title. 🙂

      • For newbies all the plugins are new and not famous.

        My tip for you: Always try to spend few minutes on researching on article after writing it. A well written article will make you popular among other bloggers.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Great list of WP plugins. I like all of them and I think most of them are very useful, especially WP-PageNavi! I have WP-PageNavi on almost all my blogs.

  3. These are the best WP-plugins for good wordpress interface other than the obvious ones like all in seo pack etc.

  4. ashish says:

    Gonna search for custom login.. You should have given d link to plugins..

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