10 Must Have Tools For Twitter Users

Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites on internet today. Today its fan base is around around 100 million all over the world. It is the most popular micro blogging site on the internet. Today i will be telling you 10 Famous and Must Have Tools For Twitter Users that will help you to manage your twitter account more effectively and efficiently. So here are the Best Twitter tools available online :

1. Tweetdeck : This is a client which can handle multiple accounts of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more social networking sites. Some of its features are:

  1. Available in beta version only.
  2. Connects all the contacts that are over various accounts of Twitter and other networking sites
  3. Free download.
  4. Supports Android and also available for Mac, iPad and iPhone.


2. BlastFollow: This tool enables you to share your interests and make others follow you. This tool is basically designed to bring people with similar thinking together on the Twitter platform.


3. : This is the tool that can help twitter users to short their urls and links which they want to share with their followers on twitter of other users. This will help you save characters, since in twitter you can tweet a maximum 140 character message.

4. UnTweeps : This tool helps to keep track of those Twitter accounts that have not tweeted since the last 90 days. The possible reason for this may be that the accounts are being no longer in use. This keeps track of all those accounts who have unfollowed you in the recent past and you can even unfollow them.


5. HashTags: This tools provides the popularity of all the tags that are used on Twitter. All you have to do is to visit  the site and enter your topic of interest (hash). This tool tracks the frequency of hashes and provides the details such as who posted the tweet and at what time.


6. Tweetake : This tool allow you to backup all your tweets and export it to an excel sheet.



7. Twinfluence : This is a social networking tool that helps us to measure the popularity of a particular person or a group on Twitter. This tool works by calling the Twitter API and helps us to differentiate between the spammers and bots. This is not a spider or crawler of a search engine but a Real Time Network Analyzer.


8. Tweetcloud : This service is based on the real time application that uses the Twitter API and puts all those posts that are being posted on the site by marking out all the common words that are being used in the tweet. These words are then used as keywords for search.


9. TwitterSheep: This is a popularity measuring tool where we can find all the latest tweets that are being posted on the site. This application works by taking in the keyword which is then searched on the word cloud.


10. TweetVolume: It is an interactive web based search engine tool that finds the occurrences of several keywords at anytime of the day that occurs in the tweets of people. This can be an important tool for the analysis of latest trends and interests of people.


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