10 Great Websites For Sending Fax Online

In this modern world you can even send fax from online websites. Today we would tell you about 10 great websites for sending fax online. Using these websites you can send fax to other persons without even using a fax machine.

1. RingCentral Fax:

Ring Central fax

  • Send and Receive Faxes As Email
  • Secured Faxing
  • Faxing can be done from any application
  • Integrated with Outlook
  • Fax Alerts

2. FaxZero:

Fax Zero

  • Free faxing servicing provider
  • Sends fax with an advertisement on its cover page
  • Paid plans starting at just $1.99/fax

3. Fax Orama:

fax orama

  • Sends free fax anywhere in United States and Canada
  • Premium accounts also available which sends fax all across the world
  • Facilitates the sending and recieving of fax like an email
  • Simple and Easy To Use Interface
  • NO Ad on the cover page
  • Up to 2 faxes allowed in a day

4. PamFax:

pam fax

  • Easy to use interface
  • Free to install and no monthly plans
  • Worldwide faxing and unlimited free reception
  • Available across all platforms
  • PamFax optionally with Skype

5. Got Free Fax:

got free fax

  • Sends free fax across United States and Canada
  • Maximum 3 pages allowed per fax in a day
  • Maximum of 2 faxes allowed
  • Premium plans also available

6. Nextiva Fax:

nextiva fax

  • Send & Receive Faxes by E-mail
  • Integrated with several Microsoft Applications
  • Send & Receive Faxes by Mobile Phone
  • No lost and Missed Faxes
  • 100% Privacy

7. Send2Fax:

Send 2 fax

  • Variety of File Formats that can be used
  • Up to 100 faxes can be received in a month
  • Highly Secured
  • Allows online storage of faxes
  • Customer service available via both online and telephone

8. MyFax:

my fax

  • Online Account Management allows creation of new users and modification of accounts
  • Online Cost Allocation which shows expenditure, usage and history of faxes sent
  • Stores 1 year old faxes
  • Rapid and Low Cost Roll out
  • Highly Secure

9. Fax Freedom:

Fax freedom

  • Personal Nationwide Toll Free Fax Number
  • Sending and Receiving of Faxes can be done anywhere
  • Caller I.D. Capture on Incoming Faxes
  • Unlimited Fax Storage Capacity
  • Call Back and Pager Notification

10. Pop fax:

pop fax

  • Plans starting as low as 229 INR per month
  • 1 GB of inline storage
  • Receive your faxes at multiple email addresses
  • Group Creation facility
  • Voice Mail

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  1. Hmm, None of these works in my country 😛

  2. Whats your Fax No.??? thinking of spamming little… 😉 :p
    but nice post.. will save some $..

  3. very interesting I thought that had been left in history, but I am aware that are still in force, I find the fax Pam very modern and with more options.

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