10 Great File Sharing Websites

If you want to share your files with your friends, you just upload those files to a file sharing website and share the download link with your friends. Today we will be telling you about 10 great file sharing websites where you can easily upload your files and share them with the world.

1. 4Shared :

4 shared
It is a popular file sharing site and has the following features:
a. free 5GB of online storage and sharing
b. Any documents can be uploaded
c. Multiple File Transfers
d. Faster File Uploading and Downloading
e. Multiple Themes.

2. MediaFire :
This is another file sharing site. Its features are:
a. Unlimited Free Storage
b. Up-to 200MB file can be shared (free user)
c. Unlimited Uploading and Downloading
d. Share files without requiring any sign up

3. SendSpace :
This file sharing site has the following features:
a. Integration with OpenID that lets you login multiple sites using single username and password.
b. SendSpace Wizard which makes file sharing and transfer a breeze
c. Spyware and Adware free
d. Supports Upload and Download resume
e. Built in download Accelerator

4. Badongo :
a. No account needed to upload and download
b. Unlimited Storage and management
c. File Uploading via FTP also available
d. Photo sharing and play list creation

5. Ziddu :
a. Doesn’t provide any premium accounts thus there are only free accounts available
b. Unlimited Storage and management
c. Easy file management
d. You can earn money by referring others about this site

6. RapidShare :
It is one of the best paid file hosting service available. Its features are:
a. Both flavors of accounts are available: Free and Premium
b. Provides file backup and protection support
c. Unlimited Storage and management
d. Zero Waiting Time (For premium accounts only)
e. Has in built search engine to search for various files

7. Hotfile :

a. Resume Broken Downloads(Premium Members)
b. Only Files that are not accessed for 90 days deleted
c. 30 minutes waiting time between downloads (For free users)
d. Hot/Direct Linking of files available

8. SkyDrive :
It is the part of Windows Live online storage services. Its features are:
a. Allows you to share the Photos, Videos and other documents easily
b. Provided online office suite for various purposes
c. Integrated with Bing with its highly specialized search features
d. RSS Feeds
e. Windows Live Group Integration

9. Keepandshare :
a. Free and premium accounts available
b. Maximum upload of 10 GB allowed
c. Up-to 1500 photos can be shared online at a time
d. Any kind of file can be uploaded

10. Box :
a. Upto 5 collaboration folders allowed
b. 1 GB free storage
c. 25 MB is the maximum file upload size allowed
d. Public sharing allowed

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  1. Jigar says:

    Nice Collection dude i mostly prefer fileflyer which gives resume support and remote upload too so we can use it in mobile too

  2. I haven’t used three sites (3,4,9) and used rest all best is 4shared, Rapid and Mega…..

  3. Zia Shaikh says:

    “This is another file sharing site. Its features are:
    a. Unlimited Free Storage
    b. Up-to 100MB file can be downloaded at once
    c. Unlimited Uploading and Downloading
    d. Share files without requiring any sign up”

    About mediafire, B point “Up-to 100MB file can be downloaded at once” is absolutely wrong…

    Mediafire allows multiple downloads at a time and more than 100 MB can be downloaded at once.. I usually download 200 Mb at once.. for better speed handling,.

    • Akshay says:

      thnks Zia for notifying…earlier it was 100 mb limit but now the limit is 200 mb for free user who can share now a 200mb file at max 🙂
      we corrected the mistake 🙂

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  5. Arjun Singh says:

    I think rapidshare is the best.. 😀

  6. Gagan Arora says:

    mediafire is best because its better resume able capability then other.nice article thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Ashank says:

    what about dropbox??

  8. Rasheed says:
    The service is available in two primary flavors. The free service supports “file drops” which can consume up to 100MB of storage. Premium services start at $19 a month and expand the available storage from 100MB to 10GB and up, depending on how much storage and how many drops you’d like.’s “file drops” are where it really stands out compared to other file-sharing services. File drops are active pools of files to which you can add batches of files, share with others, allow other people to add files and collaborate, and view the media directly from’s media viewer.

  9. Raghav says:

    Rapid share is #6!!! omg! i thought its #1

    Thanks for the info 🙂

  10. ashwin says:

    where is dropbox?!!

  11. Anubhab says:

    I knew about mediafire. They provide great service for free. Thanks for updating with the other file hosting websites.

  12. Video Moos says:

    MediaFire is my all time favorite. Dont have to wait to download files like other file sharing websites. Fast loading website and well known. 🙂 I never used 4Shared. You should probably place MediaFire on top of all 🙂

  13. santosh says:

    how about hotfile, fileserve and filesonic???

    filesonic is awesome.

  14. Roshan says:

    Hi, Anyhow good list.
    What about filesonic, uploadstation, wupload, uploading, fileserver.

  15. Parimal says: a free file-sharing web site.

  16. Wassnext says:

    Hey, nice list. I’m looking for a secure online solution to enable 200 clients to login, access and approve their own documents. Any ideas.

  17. says:

    Nice list… I love cuz not like other hosting, allows simultaneous downloads, short waiting period, especially free user like me to download large sized files.


  18. Fred Domke says: is free, no ads, no wait, no popups, 2GB files, filesets to share dynamic groups of files, fine-grained authorization control and an iframe box for you to receive uploads. is all about sharing files with people you do business with and people you know. There is no anonymous sharing for illegal content.

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