10 Great Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions or plugins are designed to provide additional functionality for your Google Chrome web browser. Today I will discuss about 10 Great Chrome Extensions. These extensions would help you in improving your browsing experience while using Google Chrome. So here are the best chrome extensions :


1. StayFocusd

Many of us want to do some productive work but waste our time by updating  Facebook  status, checking emails, reading RSS feeds, looking at your crushes photos on Facebook etc. The only thing you haven’t done is Work. The solution to this problem is Stayfoucsd extension for google chrome users.This extension lets you focus on your work by limiting the time you spend on time wasting websites. You can block entire website or a particular page.

2. Google Dictionary

While reading text on internet many times we come across some unfamiliar words. So to know the meaning of those words we google its meaning. This is sometimes irritating. But using this google dictionary extension you can know the meaning of words without all the hassle. .Just double click any word and know its meaning instantly without going to any other web page. You can also find the meaning of words by clicking on the Google Dictionary icon.

3. AdBlock

Another great extension for Google Chrome is AdBlock. This is extremely useful extension for people who surf a lot and don’t want to see all those advertisements on the Web Pages. Currently Over 2 million users are using it. All the ads on the web pages will be blocked. So now you can surf the net without any ads.

4. Cooliris

Cooliris, also called as 3D wall , converts your browser into a 3D wall . On this wall you can see the images from Facebook, Picasa and even your computer. This wall is infinite, so you can see thousands of photos without going from one link to another .

5. Awesome Screenshot

Using this extension we can capture the full web page or a part of it. Then we can also edit the image online, annotate it with circles , ellipse , text, lines ,and can also blur the image. Now we can save the image or upload it using this extension only. Isn’t it a great extension?

6. URL Shortener

With the url shortening service in place, we can have large URL reduced to small. This extension helps you to easily shorten you URL without visiting the url shortener site. It shortens the URL  using google URL shortener. Now you can share the URL with everyone easily.

7. Google translator

Using this extension for Google chrome you can translate the web page into any language of your choice. All this is just a click away. Just click the Google translator button present on the  toolbar, and the entire web page will be translated into your preferred language.

8. Google Mail Checker

This extension is a must for any Gmail user who wants to be updated with all the new emails. It shows the number of unread emails. You can also visit your Gmail inbox by clicking on the button present on the toolbar. More than 1million users are currently using this extension .

9. Alexa Traffic Rank

This is an official Alexa Traffic Rank Extension. The traffic rank and site information of  website or blog is just a click away. It also tells you about how much time you website takes to load and you can also compare it with other websites or blogs .

10. Blog This!

This extension is specially made for bloggers. It lets them post articles from anywhere. Some of the interesting features are editing of article and instant posting of article .

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  1. Google Chrome is a great browser. I think in a few years will be the most popular browser.

  2. The best one is Google Dictionary I have used this extension more then I have used Google Chrome.. :p And sometime Alexa Traffic Rank also.. I haven’t used any other extension till now..

  3. shenoyjoseph says:

    In Google Chrome the loading of web pages is very fast when compared to other browsers

  4. Arjun Singh says:

    Amazing extensions.. 🙂
    bt i think Firefox 4 will now nt allow Google Chrome to stand on its current ground.. 😀

  5. arpit gupta says:

    thanks alll for the comments..

  6. cyberbob says:

    I like all the 10 extension but i personally like URL Shortener,Alexa Traffic Rank and Alexa Traffic Rank because these extension helps when we writing article and want share it

  7. Serj says:

    I know at least one more extension that rocks too.
    This extension is very usefull for web developers who work with huge forms that contain lots of inputs. You shouldn’t type all the data manual anymore. Just use the Magic Inputs Filler.

  8. For two years I’m looking for hair extensions and I am searching for information on the subject… There are a lot of pages with “Extensions” in the url and it is really difficult to find good and correct informations.

  9. adblock extension it’s very help me to block many ads on any site i visit.
    it’s make browsing faster

  10. Alasdair says:

    The Template extension provides quick and easy access to lots of information about the current page and environment;

    cookies, browser version, directory, encoded, favicon URL, file, fragment, host name, operating system, options, parameters, path, port, protocol, query string, relative, segments, selected text, shortened URL, and title

    Just to name a few…

    Better yet, using a unique template system it allows users to easily create their own templates making the possibilities endless and includes a built-in step-by-step guide to help you write your own.

    Check it out!

  11. Tom says:

    Good news: The original Adblock Plus from Firefox is now available as a Chrome extension as well:

    It is still in beta but already much better than “AdBlock”.

  12. […] tool which absolutely recommended which is very helpful.For more Google chrome extensions check 10 Great Google Chrome Extensions.Author Bio : SD a student & blogger who works with Best Linux Web Hosting Company Webhosting […]

  13. Sathish says:

    After installing gInfinity in my machine, I noticed that it works only for and not for country specific google sites,

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