10 Great and Addictive HTML5 Games

In online gaming world Flash rules over the casual gaming industry and there is a huge demand for it in the vector gaming, slick animations and application that demands fast interactivity with the gamers. Then came in HTML 5 which has combined certain JavaScript and other dynamic effects to simple, plain HTML to make it much more dynamic and attractive. Here are some of the best HTML 5 games that you can enjoy:

1. VII

This is a simple game that is based on certain laws of Physics. This game is developed and designed by Matt Pelham. In the starting of the game you are trapped in a small capsule. You have to follow on screen instructions to move around the screen and perform certain tasks.

2. Crystal Galaxy

This is a space shooter game that is set in some isolated corner of the universe. You can control the direction of the spaceship using your mouse. The graphics and music is of great quality and believe me, it is not Flash.

3. Agent 008 Ball

It is a pool game that is implemented using the HTML 5. This game requires you to collect maximum number of balls in the time span of 2 minutes beware of the time bomb that might become a hindrance in your operation.

4. HTML 5 Helicopter

This is another classic game where you have to guide your helicopter through the various hurdles and obstacles. You can either use the mouse controls or the keyboard controls in order to play this game.

5. Sand Trap

Sand Trap is another interesting html 5 game. In this game you have to fill in the container with the sand that is trapped inside a set of maze. You can move the maze using the arrow controls to move the sand from one end to the other.

6. Bubble Trouble

This is another simple game where you have to find the combinations of certain shapes so that they can be replaced by the new set. This game is also available on the app store of apple and android for free.

7. Torus

Torus is another exciting game that is designed by Ben Joffe. This game is very much like the falling brick game or Tetris where you have to make lines using the incoming blocks and make sure that there are no gaps left. The game of Torus has been extended for the 3D environment.

8. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of most famous game in the world. The Angry Birds was initially released on the mobile platform and seeing the huge popularity this game is now released for the Google Chrome web browser only. This game requires you to shoot the pigs using the bird along the trajectory from the sling shots.

9. Coverfire

Cover fire is a HTML 5 based action game. In this game you are required to defend your city from the invading insects. Your objective is to stay alive as long as possible and collect diamonds for gaining bonus points.

10. Sketchout

This is another powerful game where you have to protect your planet from alien attacks. You will be attacked by the alien ship from various directions and you have to shield the earth against them by moving the shield using your mouse.

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