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BlackBerry Mobiles are one of the best mobiles for business professionals who are always on the move. These people are not so much voracious about the apps that are developed by developers across other platforms like Android and iOS. With the introduction of new version for its mobile phones, the Research in Motion is all set to gain ground which it has lost to other mobile OS. The official App Store of Blackberry has an estimated 15,000 apps that are offered to its customers. So if you own a BlackBerry then you don’t have to make so much fuss about it. Today we would be telling you about some of the most popular apps that are available across the BlackBerry platform.

1. Facebook for Blackberry:Now you can enjoy the largest social network in the world on your blackberry mobile. This app is capable of doing almost everything that you can do on the website. This app is best suited for the touch screen BlackBerry handsets. It is available for free at the App Store.

2. Fuel Economy Calculator: This app will calculate the efficiency of your vehicle. This app would help you keep track of your mileage and other figures of your vehicle. Simply enter your odometer reading and fuel quantity that is purchased by you. Leave the rest to this app that will calculate Fuel economy in different formats. Some of the other features of this app include oil changes and maintenance tracking. It can also keep a track on the budget that is allocated to your fuel expenses. This app can be purchased from the App Store for just $2.99.

3. All sports GPS: In today’s world, there has been a constant urge amongst the people to remain fit and now even their smartphone can help them. This app is the best answer to all those worries related to health and fitness  for the BlackBerry platform. This excellent app uses the Google Maps to record your workout map and collects many other fitness related stats like heartbeat, calories burnt, distance traveled and speed. You can also compare your workout online. This app can be tried for free but the paid customers are eligible for free upgrades. The paid version is available for $9.99 from the Blackberry App Store.

4. Shazam: This app is a hit among the music lovers all over the world. This app is available for free across Android and iPhone. This app is capable of identifying the current music that is being played on the radio. The free users are allowed to search for only 5 songs in a month but the paid users can search unlimited songs. Some of the other features that are offered by this app include buying track, watching and streaming YouTube videos and sharing tags with your friends on Facebook and twitter. This app is available for free from the App Store but you can obtain the subscription from the official website of Shazam.

5. BugMe!: This is a note application that allows you to make notes and reminders to get your things done. The app is capable of noting down the web addresses and email ids which can be obtained from the note later on. There is an inbuilt alarm mechanism which will make sure that you always meet your deadlines. This is a must have app for blackberry users and can be purchased from the Blackberry App Store for just $2.99.

6. WhatsApp: It is another revolutionary cross platform smartphone messenger application that is much similar to the BlackBerry’s very own Messenger service. Some of the features of this app include multimedia sharing, group chat, cross platform and no logins. This app is available for free from the App Store.

7. Poynt: It is quite interesting app that uses the Bing Maps to find businesses, retail stores, people and much more. This app uses the GPS or cell site location to deliver you information quickly on your smartphone. Some of the other features of this app include finding phone number, email ids and website addresses at one click, reverse look ups of the missed calls and it can also be paired up with the BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet. This app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

8. Qik: This app lets you share your videos with your family and friends and also lets them stream them live on their handsets without even any need for downloading them. This allows the sharer to share his videos live with his friends and loved ones. You can also share your videos with your friends on the social networks. This app is available for free from the blackberry App Store.

9. Urbanspoon: This is a restaurant app that use GPS and cell site technique to find the restaurants that are situated in your locality. This app will also show you reviews and other ratings that are submitted by those who have eaten at those restaurants. This app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

10. Viigo: This is a  great news aggregator that brings in all the latest news from the world of sports, politics, technology and other areas depending on your interest. The app can now be connected to your Facebook and twitter accounts so that you can share the news articles with your friends. This app is available for free from the blackberry App Store.

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