10 Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress

Spamming is one of the biggest headache which is faced by the blog owners or admins. Even we get 1000’s of spam comments everyday. Most admins prefer to moderate all the comments before they are published. So in order to reduce their work some automated tool or plugin is required to reduce the amount of spam.Thanks to the excellent wordpress community and developers support due to which there are a number of anti-spam plugins which are available for the WordPress platform. These plugins reduce the amount of spam faced by admins. Some of the best anti-spam plugins which are available for the WordPress platform are:

1. Akismet: This is one of the best and most used plugin for the WordPress platform. This is included in the default installation of the WordPress. There is an API key which needs to be used in order to activate the plugin. The services which are offered by Akismet are free as well as paid. The business owners can use the paid option in order to get more features and benefits from the service. The free service is suitable for personal and small blog/sites.


2. NoSpamDX: This is another excellent plugin that protects your blog against the spam and spambots. It doesn’t require any JavaScript, cookies and sessions. There are no special fields which needs to be added to the comment form. The setup is simple and easy to use.

3. Picatcha: This anti-spam plugin work much like the CAPTCHA except that instead of the garbled text you can use an array of thumbnails where user needs to select the necessary thumbnails based on the question rather than filling the text which are usually displayed in case of Captchas.

4. Cookies for Comment: This anti-spam plugin takes a different approach. This plugin relies on the cookies that are set in the HTML code of your blog. When your blog is loaded, this cookie is set on your computer and when the comment is dropped on your blog that is cookie is checked. If the cookie doesn’t exist, it would be marked as spam. So for spambots who simply target the comment form would not have any cookie set and there comments would be marked as spam.

5. WP Hashcash: This is a CAPTCHA based anti-spam plugin that claims to be 100 percent efficient in fighting with the spam. The plugin is also useful against the pingbacks and trackbacks spam. There is a setting page available which contains all the statistics and other configurations.

6. Spammer Blocker: This plugin uses the innovative approach were the IP addresses of each and every commenter is noted down and the spam comment IP addresses are put in a blacklist. If the comment is posted from one of the addresses that are put in the blacklist then it would be automatically flagged as spam.

7. Did You Pass Math?: This is another innovative plugin that requires the user to solve the simple math problem such as “4+5”. If they solved it correctly then the comment won’t be marked as spam and it would be submitted for moderation.

8. Referrer Bouncer: This plugin would help you fight the spam which has been referred by the spam links. There won’t be any modifications or any settings which would be done but once the comment from the site which is marked as spam comes in, it would be flagged off and removed from the queue.

9. Wp-recaptcha: This is another famous WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin which uses a collection of words from old books for Captcha verification.

10. bcSpamBlock: bcSpamBlock is another plugin which is similar to the WP Hashcash that would help you identify the humans from the bots. There is a small bit of JavaScript that is being used by this plugin. A bit of cryptography has been used so that the users can be distinguished from the spam bots.

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    Akimset sometimes have serious bugs on my site:( Do you meet these bugs?:( Accept spam comments, and have weird php errors.

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