10+ Best Android Multiplayer Games

Android is one of the most preferred mobile operating system in the world. This system is known for its sheer simplicity and design that enables the developers to develop their applications on this OS. Games are always a hot property across any mobile or computing platform. The games on Android offer you decent graphics, flawless interface and multiplayer capabilities. Here are some of the best multiplayer games that are available for Android users.

1. Modern combat 2

This is one of the earliest first person shooting games that is available across the Android platform. This game from Gameloft is a rip-off from the popular gaming series, Call of Duty. The game offers a number of experience levels, modes and achievements. Due to its excellent gameplay and graphics, the game has managed to make a different stand from the rest of the first person shooting games that are available in the market.

2. Drag Racing

Finally something for the racing fans to cheer about. The game is available for free from the Android market and has a whole lot features like 50+ cars, upgrades, nitro, color schemes and global leader board that allows you to compete with the millions of players worldwide.

3. Parallel Kingdom

This game uses the Google Maps and allows you to make your own kingdom alongside the other players that are situated in your locality. You can trade gold coins and other things that were used for trade during the old times. You can even chat with your fellow players and discuss the strategy.

4. Project INF

This is another interesting MMORPG shooter style game where upto 24 players can play this game at a time. The game is first real time online multiplayer game in the Android platform. Special game rooms have been made by the company and you can compete against the other people in the room. Some of the features of this game include true real gameplay with multiple character sets which can be customized according to the needs.

5. Raging Thunder

This is another excellent racing game where you can compete with a number of players worldwide. The game allows four players to compete against each other in the arcade style. Some of the other features of this game include 3D Graphics, Boost and Tackling Physics and customizable controls. This game is available for free from the Android market.

6. Pocket Legends

This game has been acclaimed by a number of blogs and other websites. This 3D MMORPD allows you to choose and customize the characters and develop their journey through a variety of dungeons alongside the other players that are playing this game online. This game is available for free and you can play this game with anyone over the globe across any connection. Pocket Legends has been optimized for the Xperia Play range of phones.

7. UniWar HD

UniWar is a hex based game that is largely inspired from the strategy of General Panzer. This MMORPG allows the players to take turns for building their armies and fight against each other on more than 500 maps. Game allows up to 8 players to play at a time. You can make your teams which can have two, three or four players at a time. This game is a fine blend of Advance Wars and StarCraft and this game will satisfy the needs for those who are looking for RTS or RPG.

8. iMobsters

This game was highly popular on iPhone. This is an online Mafia game where you start as petty thief and then slowly and gradually you rise to become the Mafia don by making your own clan and mob. The game boasts of more than 10 million players. Some of the other features of this game include location updates, rare objects and artifacts, gorgeous graphics and variety of weapons and missions.

9. 4 Player Reactor

This is an action packed game that will test your reflexes against your friends and other millions of players worldwide. There are more than 22 game modes in which you can play with your friends.

10 .Words for Friends

This game was initially released for iPhone and iPad. But then it was released for the Android platform for free. The game uses Mariamm Webster’s Dictionary as its reference and at a time 20 players can play this game. You can sty interact with other players through the in-game chat messaging service. There are notifications which will inform you about the status of the game.

11. Guerilla Bob

This is another award winning first person shooting game that is a hit on the iPhone and other apple devices. This cross platform multiplayer game for Android offers you stunning visuals and gameplay.

12. Dungeon Defenders

This is one of the best MMORPG games that are available in the Android market. Battle against your friends through a massive campaign where you collect the loot and rob people. There is an online store from where you can purchase various weapons and other stuff. The game features high quality console graphics which are powered by Unreal Engine 3. You can play with 3 players in 2X2 format. There is another version of this game available for the Xperia Play! Users.

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  1. Ankit J says:

    Playing a multiplayer game is always interesting weather its on console or any other media. I will try all the game you have mentioned as all my friend have android handset.

  2. Sanjid says:

    Metal Slug is the best multiplayer game ever I played. You should try it. Metal Slug, Metal slug2, Metal slug3 and Metal slug X these 4 versions are currently available.

    These are paid games in google store. But you can download them from blackmart for free.

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