10 Bad SEO Practices

There are several different things that you should not be doing if you want to get your search engine optimization plan to work as well as possible. Here are a few things that you should not do.

bad seo practices

1. You should not use invisible text in your website. Keywords are often made with font colors that match with a background and placed at varying spots. This is an illegal procedure to use.

2. It is also a bad idea to purchase links for your site. You can be penalized if you buy links to and from your site to boost your rating. This is especially the case when it comes to getting multiple links placed at the same time.

3. You should not place links on your site if they do not link to your site. Putting your website onto sites that do not relate to yours is a bad SEO practice to use.

4. Adding duplicate pages around your site is a bad idea. A search engine spider will look through your site and find individual items that are duplicates and penalize your site when they appear. This can keep you from getting your site to have a better ranking and can hurt your site. This is because it will be seen as one that is trying to copy things with SEO plans in mind.

5. Using lots of Javascripts in your coding is a bad idea. Search engine spiders are not able to get through Javascripts very well. It is best to use Javascripts as sparingly as possible.

6. The next bad SEO practice involves inbound links that only go to your homepage. You should make sure that inbound links on other sites go to specific parts of your site that are relevant to what the link is about.

7. Another bad practice is not checking on spelling. You should make sure that every single thing you are posting is spelled correctly. Failing to do this will keep a search engine from taking your site seriously.

8. Cloaking is a bad SEO practice that must be avoided. This is where you specify the sites that should be reviewed or ignored by search engines and then make other pages appear on a user’s computer instead. Tricking a search engine spider is a bad idea to do.

9. Keyword stuffing is a very bad idea. You should avoid this SEO option because it will make your site look desperate and in some cases very difficult to read.

10. The last of the bad SEO options involves the use of doorway pages. These are pages that simply connect a person from one page to another instead of giving a person a direct link to a page. This is often used as a means of trying to throw more keywords or pages onto a site. It will not be too difficult for a search engine to find out if you are doing this.

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  1. shenoyjoseph says:

    thanks for informing us to avoid the bad seo practices on all blogs.

  2. Thanks for this informative information….

  3. and also have to say good bye today

  4. Amrish Singh says:

    SEO of any site starts from the designing of the site . So make site internal pages more seo friendly ,use alt tags to images . We should never break webmaster guidelines if want better ranking any bad tactics may penalize your site

  5. Robin says:

    Excelling cover up. Must read for beginners to understand the top mistakes and keep it in mind.. cheers 🙂


  6. Yes, Spelling mistake can lead to a bad impression in SEO.

  7. Yup i too avoided these things 2 months ago and now i am already PR3

  8. There are absolutely more than that to this but you said the gist of it.

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